London Surprises! (FINISHED!)

Maddison, Quinn and Yazmin are three girls with an ambition in life, to move to London and become a famous girl band world wide! On their journey to fame they encounter something they thought never was going to happen...


21. I will never let you go

Louis' P.O.V

It has been a whole week and Maddie is still no where to be found. We have had calls to come and do interviews and we are meant to be going on tour in four days, but I will not leave the country in till Maddie is safe and back in the house! Quinn and Maddie were getting very worried about her now. They decided to not ell her parents because other wise she would not ever be alowed out of the house ever again!

With so many things going on my emotions are a little bit mixed up. When I finnally got some alone time I went to my faveourite place. The place only I knew about. It was a five miute drive away from their house. I had been sleeping there since what happened. I have slept in Maddies room because it reminds me of her. The smell of it and everything. After having a wonderfull think about maddie I pulled up at the abadoned warehouse. There was only one other car there. I noticed it because there was never ever any cars. I snuck throught the broken window in the back and heard a faint scream.

I rushed up to the door where I heard the screams. There was afew whimpers and cries.

"Please don't hurt me!" Screamed a girl.

"Only if you do something for me first!" A man stated.

"Never!" The girl said again.


The bloodschreching scream rolled off the girls tounge again. I could'nt take it anymore I barged through the locked door breaking the hinges as I did. There was Dan hanging over Maddie with a knife in his hand. Maddie was on the floor in only her underwear. There were cuts and brusises all over her. As I barged in Dan had the knife to the right of her chest. Her had started cutting a long line down her when he noticed me. Maddie had fainted by now and Dan was staring at me. He looked angry and I understood why. I was the reason she left him and now he had been found he new his game was up!

Dan ran out of the room and I followed him grabbing my phone and calling the police as I did. He ran too his car and as he got in it wouldn't start. I could hear the faint police sirens in the background. Dan was still sitting in his car trying to make it start. I ran back up to Maddie where she was still lying limp on the cold concrete ground. Now I could take all of her in. She was much skinner than last time like she hadn't eaten in a whole week and she had bags under her eyes. There was huge bandges all over her but the cut he had just made was still gushing out blood. I grabbed the first aid box that he had set aside since last time (I guess). I gently put it on and pulled her up into my arms. I rushed ot of the whare house and into my car. I saw the police had got here just in time because they were getting Dan into their car and driving him away. I placed Maddie carefully into the backseats of the car. I jumped into the front seat and sped off in the direction of the hospital.

I quickly grabbed Maddie out of the car and ran with her in my arms towards the hospital doors. The first doctor that saw us ran up to me and started asking me what had happend. Before I could tell him a nurse had brought a stretcher up too us to place Maddie on. With all the jumping around in my arms Maddie had woken up, and as The were about to wheel her off to check her up she looked me in the eyes.

"Where am I? Pleasedont leave me" She said with a panicked voice. As she said that she grabbed my hand.

"Don't worry. Iwill never let you go..." I said while looking into her beautifull eyes.

With that they pulled her away. I loosened my grip on her hand and whatched her as she got wheeled away... 


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