London Surprises! (FINISHED!)

Maddison, Quinn and Yazmin are three girls with an ambition in life, to move to London and become a famous girl band world wide! On their journey to fame they encounter something they thought never was going to happen...


30. Crazy Fan!

Quinn's P.O.V

Harry and I were sitting on the sofa (well he was sprawled across it) watching the telly. I had my fingers interwined in his hair.

"Hmmmmm that feels nice" Said Harry in his redicuolusly sexy voice. I carried on massaging his head. Slowly he lifted his head and planted a long pasionate kiss on my lips.

"Soooo... Do you want to go shopping today... Maybe?" I asked I am in desperate need of new clothes.

"Yeah sure i will just go get my jacket and wallet babe." He said whilst falling off the sofa and going to get his things. He came back through and pulled me off the sofa bridal style and carried me to the car grabbing my jacket on the way down. The car journey was mostley in silence but the radio was playing, then "Stand Up" came on and Harry started singing in the worst singing voice he could manage. I decided to sing along with him in my normal voice (Which I guess is quite good because people told me to become a singer.) When the song ended Harry pulled into the almost empty car park. Then he leaned down andkissed me.

" You know, you have a beutiful voice!?" Harry whispperd in my ear. I blushed and looked down.

"Your not to bad yourself!" I said whilst jumping out the car. Harry jumped out and grabbed my hand. We started walking round to the entrance when someone came and tapped Harry on the shoulder.

" Hi, Sorry to bother you but would you please, please, please, ppllleeaaasseee sign my peice of paper!!????" This fan asked.

"Umm sure I guess so." Harry said. After he signed it she ran around screaming her head off. Okay then I thought in my head, Harry re grabbed my hand and off we went inside to shop till we dropped.

After passing through every shop nearly and buying loads of clothes we decided to get something to eat.

"OMG!!!!!!!! Your Harry Styles!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! Please can you sign my paper!!!!! PLEEASSEEE!!!!!!! " A fan asked in a very loud tone. I was pretty sure she was the one who stopped us earlier. While I was waiting for HArry to stop talking to her I pulled out my phone and texted Maddie to see how she was doing in Scotland and the whole telling the parents thing.

~Me: Heyyyy! Hows it going with the parents?????!!!!! Xxxx

Maddie:): Not good:(:( They dont like b.f's so I dont think they will ever let me move in with him!! :(:(

Me: Awwwww Bebs!!! Hope it all works out! This crazy fan keeps on annoying us! Xxx

Maddie:): Hehe I hope so too and how many times has she annoyed u so far!?

Me: Only twice but she's asked for 2 auto's!!!

Maddie:): Hehe kl!!! C ya soon we will b back in London soon no matter what parents think!!! Muwhahaha!!!! Xxxx

Me: Kk Byeeee!!! Xxxx~

I looked up and the crazy fan had gone. Thank God! Harry sat back down and we finished lunch. Then we set off to shop... Again!!!!!

Half way through shopping the crazy fan came again!! She was starting to annoy me now.

"OMG!!!!!!!!! Hey Hazza!!! I'm Cloe!!!! Sign this will ya!!??? Oh please sign it... or you will make me sad!!! I dont like being sad!!!" Cloe said whilst pulling a sad/ugly looking face. I could'nt help but giggle at the face she was pulling. Then she gave me the evils! Ughhh I am starting to HATE this girl!!!

"Sooooo... whos this?" she said pointing at me. "You're sister?" She said with a smirk on her face.

"Umm no, she's my girlfriend!" Harry said while pulling me closer to him. I noticed as he said that her eyes turned darker and she looked creepy/angry!

"HARRY WHY WOULD YOU CHEAT ON ME!!!????" she screamed drawing attention to us.

"Ummm, i'm sorry but we were never dating, and were going to leave now." Harry replied in a quite tone.

"Ughhh I HATE YOU!!!! And I have to tell you I am now dating Zayn!! So Hah!!!" She screamed just before storming off.

She left me and Harry standing there in shock and then we caught each other's eyes and burst out laughing! So yeah after that happening, we went home and watched movies for the rest of the night... 

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