London Surprises! (FINISHED!)

Maddison, Quinn and Yazmin are three girls with an ambition in life, to move to London and become a famous girl band world wide! On their journey to fame they encounter something they thought never was going to happen...


15. Crash...

*Two Weeks Later!!!!*

Louis' P.O.V

These last two weeks have been the worst two weeks of my life. I have been spending the weeks hiding in my room and mostly crying. The girl that I loved was taken by a man that had stolen and broken her heart allready! I was waiting for her to dump him, just waiting in the backgrounds. Niall and Yaz are a couple now, well I think and Harry and Quinn are acting cute around eachother but I am not sure Harry has popped the question yet! I am sure Dan can tell I like her, each time I get even remotly close to her he comes and puts his arm around her and gives me the evils! 

I was lost in my thoughts when Zayn nudged me.

"Umm hello, earth to Louis... Anyone there?"

"Oh umm, just thinking about the new album!"

Zayn's Phone started ringing, it was probally his new Girlfriend Perrie from th new girlband Little Mix, he seemed to of got over Quinn. Liam was sitting on the big armchair texting Dani his girfriend, Niall and Yaz were in the kitchen doing the washing up. Quinn and Harry conodling on the love seat and Dan was wispering things in Maddies ears. She was smiling and giggling. Her cheeks were a beautiful shade of red. Dan saw me gazing at her and he gave her one big long kiss. Ughh when he does that it just annoys me. When they pulled away Maddie was staring at him like he was the most special, amazing person in the world. I could feel tears building up in my eyes. I grabbed my jacket and walk very fast out of the room. I walked staright out and got in to the car. I revved up my engine and off I went. I didn't know where I was going I just had to get away from that sceen! I was crying propally by five miutes on the road.

An hour later I had stopped crying and I had pulled off the road. I turnd my phone on and found a whole lot of messages and missed calls. I didn't read any of them, I just placed my phone down on the passenger seat and started my engine to go back home. As I was just about to pull out I saw a pair of headlights of a car coming up fast to the side of me. Before I had time to reverse back the car my side. The inpact of the hit had knocked me out so quickly I didn't see who it was that had hit me........

The last thing I know was Pain.....




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