Our Story

Okay, I guess I had to pick our story for the love story comp. Sorry Al, warts and all ;)


2. The middle bit that we always try and forget.

Alex left school a year before me, and we never spoke again.

(Until about 4 years later, but I'm coming to that).

During that time, he took up a new group of friends, and a new pastime - cannabis. Nommy.

I, meanwhile, went to a new school alone, and where in years seven and eight I was the height of popularity (cough), I fell into depression, turned to self harm, and pushed away anyone that dared to get within fifteen feet. 

Overall, we were both in a lot of shit.


Then came happier times (THANK GOD). Where, on the fifth of September, 2011, I met Alex, in a park, looking delightful in a new 'haircut' even worse than the one he had in primary school done by a very high friend of his. His skin looked a lovely yellow, he had the body strength of a worm, and a similar ability to run long distances. Overall, he was in a great state... 

On the eighth of September (ready for the awkward bit) I went out with his friend. He was ugly, fat and pressurizing; but don't you stress, my friends, as this was just an opportunity for Alex to become my best friend. As we became closer, I began to notice changes in Alex. He ate broccoli for the first time around my house. He put on weight, but in a good way. And, thankfully, his hair grew. 

He smiled a lot more, and it was contagious. When I was with him, all the pain of the last few years began to alleviate, and similar, I assume, for him. He quit taking cannabis, and can now run 40 minutes down to my house to see me on a Friday night. Well, you didn't expect me to do it, did you?

Then, one night, after my boyfriend had ran home, leaving me with a healthier looking Alex, we sat in the bowl, in the semi-dark, just close enough to see each other's faces, with the beautiful British rain drizzling around us. His hand slid into mine, and I popped the question.

"What would you do if I kissed you?" Okay, yes. I did still have a boyfriend. But don't worry, Alex had standards, and to my dismay pointed this out. But it did lead to a life-changing debate. Feelings were poured into emotional outbursts, cheeks were kissed and hands were held, all in the space of an hour or so. 

Through all this emotional drivel, I held onto one sane thought; at least his hair's grown.

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