Our Story

Okay, I guess I had to pick our story for the love story comp. Sorry Al, warts and all ;)


3. Now.

On the twentieth of this month, Alex and I will have been together 8 months. We know practically everything about one another (for example, Alex's deep hatred of clowns) and intend to get married - and I shall parade my middle finger to anyone who doubts it. 

As his lips touched mine the day after we'd spewed our feelings (yes, I'd broken up with my boyfriend), I felt my entire soul set free. I wasn't just a piece of a game too big for me to even see - I was whole again. My jigsaw was complete, no longer a missing piece hidden behind the sofa in those little cracks that when you tread on it a load of shit comes out that gets between your toes and makes you feel ill, but are always full no matter how many times you shove the hoover pipe down there. In true British spirit, my strawberry found it's cream (no pun intended); without one another, we'd just be stupidly healthy (or unhealthy), and just end up rotting away in the bottom of the fridge until eventually, someone just fishes you out and chucks you in the bin because you've gone all mouldy and mushy and no-one wants you.

And now, I get to live my entire life actually happy. 


I think...


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