Our Story

Okay, I guess I had to pick our story for the love story comp. Sorry Al, warts and all ;)


1. I'll start at the end.

"What would you do if I kissed you?"


The question that stuck off a debate in a spinning metal bowl, in some shitty park in the middle of no where, in the rain.


Ah yes, the ultimate scene for a romantic moment. But I guess for us, that's all we needed. 


I met Alex in primary school. A little short in stature (cough, a foot shorter than everyone else... In the year below) with granny hands (don't knock 'em till you try 'em) and a 'hair style' that quite frankly looked like a porcupine's arse.

Now, this doesn't seem like the best description for someone I would now describe quite honestly as my soul mate. But we've all gone through change, haven't we? Anyway. From the second I met him, I think I knew he was the One. Or maybe not, as I'd had school lunches that day and whatever they put in them do something funny to one's mind. 

I walked into the classroom. He was in the year above; his entire class had gone away on a week's trip to Arthog, somewhere that sounds like a rainy hell-hole in the south of Wales but is actually remarkably fun. And yet here he was, sitting in my chair. And that actually made me angry.

"That's my seat." I was always quite mad. I'd not had the best childhood, and managing to drag a brush through the mane of ginger hair I did NOT proudly sport had put me in quite a pessimistic mood. He had his leg in a massive cast, and as I mentioned before, he was a very small boy. As a result, he had the look of a stick insect that got its leg stuck in a marshmallow. Turns out, the douche bag had skewered himself attempting to climb over a fence. His friend, Will (always the subject of a torrent of name calling from a certain group of people), decided to leave him, spike in leg, to get help. Just dangling from a fence. Boys.

So, the week did not come off to a flying start, and I think in my mind began to deteriorate further as Mrs Sedgebeer, our BELOVED teacher, put him in my group to advertise and learn to use Plascan. A piece of plastic that crushes cans. Oh joy. 

However, as the week went on, the small kid with the stupid hair and weird hands grew on me. I think the thing that pushed it over the edge was when, in the middle of a movie towards the end of the week, he gave me half a brownie. Oh yes. The way to a woman's heart. 

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