The Ultimate Competition

This is the uber competition. This rocks, and this is the one you should do if you have any aspiration to be a writer. Because here we are a) killing your writers block excuses with a hardcore arresting opening leading paragraph and b) giving you a plot outline. So all you have to do is develop the plot, create the characters, do the plot twists and turns. Then rack it up. Make what we have done here the launchpad for your creativity and hit the stratosphere with your awesome ideas and prose - poetry is cool also. And you get likes and faves and recognition and all the other stuff you are all keen to get. PLUS next months will have a seriously awesome prize that will have you salivating like one of Pavlov's mutts awaiting dinner (not money, something better, do we look that stupid?). Hah!


2. Ultimate Competition - June 2012 Winners

Here are the results, after some considerable debate and argument, blood sweat and tears, and a few expletives (deleted) of The Ultimate Competition for June 2012.

There should only be three winners as per the original Ts&Cs.

But by special dispensation (and we like to break the rules, being us, natch), we have decided to include a FOURTH winner, to include another truly awesome entry of the highest quality.

So, in order of merit, (and having just got out of A&E after 'creative debates' with my comp partner), here they are:

1. 'This is How it Was Meant to Be' by Chetna - great story, beautifully told, as you always do.

2. 'Drifter' by Amy-Jay - fantastic description and superlative imagination, you really do need to write the rest, what you have is awesome already.

3. 'Conclusion of Love' by Evangelina - eloquent and moving, your writing is sublime and engages the emotions.

4. 'Body or Essence' by myself;yourself - the only entry to follow one of the story suggestions, an excellent and imaginative and very dark piece of writing.

Thanking everyone for their time and effort, and we have totally enjoyed reading all your fantastic stuff.

Big round of applause for the winners, fireworks and celebrations, popping of champagne corks, and hope this encourages anyone who hasn't checked out these superb movellas to read them and enjoy the amazing quality of writing on this site.

And now, hang on to your hats for July's comp, where we are really upping the ante and maxing the prize to the next level...


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