The Ultimate Competition

This is the uber competition. This rocks, and this is the one you should do if you have any aspiration to be a writer. Because here we are a) killing your writers block excuses with a hardcore arresting opening leading paragraph and b) giving you a plot outline. So all you have to do is develop the plot, create the characters, do the plot twists and turns. Then rack it up. Make what we have done here the launchpad for your creativity and hit the stratosphere with your awesome ideas and prose - poetry is cool also. And you get likes and faves and recognition and all the other stuff you are all keen to get. PLUS next months will have a seriously awesome prize that will have you salivating like one of Pavlov's mutts awaiting dinner (not money, something better, do we look that stupid?). Hah!


1. Ultimate Competition - July 2012...

Ultimate Competition - July 2012

Yes, there are several competitions on here. They are fantastic and motivate people and it's great to win. You'll probably have entered the odd one and got a buzz from doing so.

But this is something completely different. We don't think anything like this has been tried here before. And as you know, we like to break the mould :-D

So here's the deal.

1, We are looking for completely new material - movellas written specifically for this competition.

2. Pieces can be short, one chapter, around 1,000 words for example. Prose is fine, poetry welcome, (fewer words unless you really wanna do Paradise Lost!). If you want to write an epic, we're happy with that and appreciate your time and effort. But we think shorter, sharper examples of what you want to write will work better here.

So keeping it crisp and focused would be a cool idea. We're looking for a calling card, if you like, for your talents.

3. They need to be original - written for this comp, not stuff already on here. You can take a character or idea from an existing work, if you like. Just make it different, new and fresh.

4. We'll post a couple of suggestions for opening paragraphs tomorrow. Feel free to use them, revamp them, or trash them. You can choose any type of story that you want, any genre. Let your imagination run free!

5. The prize will be different to the usual likes, faves, recognition etc. - you'll get all that of course. And the following:

We're offering each of the two winners a week's one-to-one mentoring from Jodemeister... and Adam Gilray respectively.

On a brand new movella idea of their own choice, to take place sometime during August this year.

This will involve brainstorming, guidance, critical support, motivation, rewrites if necessary, advice on marketing on the site etc. This can be done during a week mutually convenient to both winner and judge.

This will consist of several hours of support through the site over that period, through a co-authored movella.

The end result will be promoted throughout the site and. It's an opportunity to work together and hopefully take your writing to the next level. Two heads are better than one, right?

Story Ideas - July 2012

Idea 1

Tarja had always hated taking the tube. She never felt safe, and the pressure of other commuters stressed her immeasurably, especially the lack of personal space and privacy, and the rank body odour of other people crowding around her.

This was misery incarnate. She always thought the London Underground was a metaphor for the heat and Stygian blackness of Hell.

Far worse, however, were the late night commutes, those after ten, especially with the recent spate of homicides. As usual, there were no security guards on the train, and the CCTV cameras had been smashed by vandals. The carriage was empty, and there were only a few more stops before Tarja got off. She felt a sense of relief, which was to be short-lived.

The man entered the carriage. Dressed in standard business attire, he seemed normal enough. But, her senses heightened and Tarja felt uneasy. Mentally, she ran through the contents of her handbag - keys, purse, hairspray, lighter, cigarettes.

She exhaled, the stale air of the carriage always irritated her lungs. At that point, she noticed him moving towards her...

Idea 2

Richard had always expected little from life. Life, being the faithful mistress that she is, hadn't disappointed him.

So here he was, in a job he loathed, no real friends or soulmates, everyday the same, a life of unremitting tedium punctuated by depression and self-loathing. He thought it would be like this until the lid was nailed onto his coffin - at times, he couldn't wait for that final moment.

Never mind, he reflected morosely, as he downed the contents of the bottle of whiskey.

What Richard didn't realise, was that all this was his personal choice. He could change his life at any time he wanted. Not necessarily for the better, of course, but he definitely had the power to change it.

We all do, right?

And it was on one fateful crisp and cold day in December, as he stood awaiting the bus, that he met Veronique.

Idea 3

I groaned, swamped with pain, and opened my eyes.

I tried to make out the objects that leaned against the opposite wall, but the darkness was too overpowering.

Tugging my arms and legs, I noticed they were tied to the chair with thick, itchy rope. I sighed, there was no way I could escape from this place.

Where was this place I had been imprisoned? Had I been knocked out?

I must have been captured, it's the only way, I wouldn't have come here by choice.

A patch of skin on my head burned and stung like crazy - I must have been hit over the head.

A door on the left slowly opened, blinding light flooding in.

He grinned, knife in hand, and slowly moved towards me...

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