1. Buried

Alone and forgotten,

I sit, and watch,

The darkness creep up on me

Like a blanket, this night.

I wrap it around me,

And create dark, upon dark,

For in this blackness, 

My heart almost seems light.

Sinful and selfish,

My heart has now turned,

To unbreakable rock,

That never will melt.

I say this with warning,

Don't do as I did,

I created a mask,

To hide my real self.

I bury the memories,

The pain, the grief,

I try to forget,

But they never leave.

Like a spider-web,

Woven with fear,

I trap all the self-hate,

But I can hold no more.

I am trapped,

Buried alive.

My burdens are too heavy,

To escape my old life.

And so, I must sit,

And remain a masked mess,

I must remain buried,

Under my life, I so hate.

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