Facing the truth

A story about bullying with the victim and the bully's view.

Nadia has bullied Jessica since Year 7. Now in Year 10, Jessica has learnt to hide it. What she doesn't know is why, why Nadia bullies her. This story shows both sides of the story.


2. nadia


It had been the worst weekend ever; Lee, mum’s boyfriend, came round. He and mum got into an argument. Mum threw a tea towel at him and Lee…he just lost it .

I stayed in my bedroom while it happened. I didn’t dare intervene. I tried to fight him once, tried to help Mum out but it just made Lee madder. He finished with Mum and then started on me. The scars on my back are still raw red.

Mum was wearing a pearl necklace that Dad had bought for her before he died. Lee was so rough with her, it broke. When I came downstairs again, Mum was lying on in a heap on the floor in the kitchen and the loose pearls lay on the floor around her. Lee was sitting on the sofa watching the telly, like nothing had happened. I stared at him, hating him, wishing he didn’t exist.

He looked up and saw me watching. His eyes were cold and blank as he rose from his chair and walked off brushing my shoulder as he went past. He slammed the front door behind him.

I left mum where she was, she didn’t talk for hours after these things happened so I knew there wasn’t a point in getting her to talk.

I was still angry when Monday came around. I walked into school and spotted Jessica in the corridor wearing new pearl earrings. I don’t know what happened, I just saw the pearls and my mind went back my mum lying helpless on the floor. It wasn’t fair; Jessica’s life was perfect and mine…well, it wasn’t.

“What do think you’re playing at? What are those in your ears?!” I shouted.

She laughed, enraging me further.

“Nadia! How was your half term?” she giggled. She was always acting as if we were best friends. I don’t know what her game was but it was like she asking to be bullied. I grabbed her arm and led her to the toilets, pinning her against the wall.

“Look at you. You think a pair of cheap earrings will make you look pretty?” I sneered,

She shook her head.

“Good. ‘Cos they don’t. You’re ugly. You’ll always be ugly, got it?” I hissed,

She nodded.

“No I don’t think you have got it, take those earrings off”  I commanded,

She bit her lip. She thought she could act innocent and simple and I’d feel sorry for her. I’d show her.

“Take. Them. Off.” I ordered

Then as slowly as she could, she started undoing them. I grew impatient and ripped the earrings out then walked into the nearest cubicle.

She started crying and begging me not to.

Like my mum does to Lee.

“Aww, does little Jessica want her earrings back?” I lisped sarcastically,

She nodded.

“Too bad.” I threw them inside the toilet and reached for the flush. I wasn’t actually going to flush them; I just wanted to scare her. But she lunged forward and grabbed my neck. I was practically choking but she held me tight. I remembered when Lee had tried to attack me and I did what I did back then. I bit her arm and she let go. Like magic.

I didn’t stop there though. Jessica became Lee in my mind and I went crazy. I punched, scratched, kicked until I came back to my senses and realised it wasn’t Lee, it was just Jessica, a pathetic little bitch. And I told her so.

She kept apologising and crying and I feared someone would hear so I walked out, my anger draining from me as I walked the corridors.

I realised now Jessica wasn’t the problem. It was Lee.. I hated Lee and I was taking it out on the weakest person I knew; Jessica.

I hated Lee with every inch of my body. He was scum. He was a bully. He was…

…exactly how Jessica saw me.

It wasn’t that I didn’t know the truth, that I was bullying Jessica and she didn’t deserve it; it was that I couldn’t face it. 

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