Bolgrim and the Beast

Bolgrim Stoutfist, A fellow Dwarf Rifleman is set the task to defeat and Polar Bear killing the local rams.

( A Short Story for the WoW Fan Fiction Competition.)


1. Bolgrim and the Beast

He stood there, ankle-deep in snow. Small delicate flakes fell down onto his beard and on top of his hood, occasionally reaching his cloak and the rest of his Rifleman's kit. He slowly and ever so cautiously loaded his rifle, Not wanting to scare the beast and let it get away. For so long had he hunted it.

In the distance behind him was Kharanos, Home to the famous Thunderbrew Distillery and a small workplace to many other Dwarves, most of them looking a like, The same goes for Bolgrim, but he's a little deal broader ; wide shoulders accustomed to bearing old muscle. A brownish beard covering his pockmarked and leathery like skin, battle hardened brown muddy eyes stare out beneath a pair of thick eyebrows, His left one broken by a livid pink scar that runs diagnolly across the bridge of his big chubby nose and down his right cheek, fading into his moustache and beard.

He himself worked at the Thunderbrew Distillery, A Part-Time Brewer whilst he was lucky enough to get off duty from his work as a Rifleman. He worked for Vagnir Thunderbrew, Current owner of the place. Not to forget Dubbler Ironhand, the Innkeeper.

Bolgrim locked his rifle, The noise allowing the large Polar Bear to spot him in the distance.

"Blummin' 'ell." Bolgrim muttered, Realized he hadn't scared the Polar Bear off, And that it was now running toward him growling. Quickly, Bolgrim aimed down his gun, Pulling the trigger without hesitation and allowing a bullet to fly into the bear, He locked the gun again, Preparing for another round, Aiming down his gun yet again, Noticing where his previous shot had hit by the stream of dark red blood running down the bears pure white fur and staining the snow. He pulled the trigger again, The bullet skimmed past the bear and disappeared into the distance.

He had no time to lock his gun and take another shot, The bear was to close, Bolgrim dropped his gun, And started to charge at the bear with his head down, His short legs not covering much in the deep snow. He slowly looked up, To see the bear letting out a loud roar, standing on it's back legs before slamming it's front legs on top of Bolgrim, knocking him down into the snow, the bear went to bite the dwarf's shoulder, But Bolgrim had already managed to roll out of the way.

He scrambled to his feet as quick as he could, The bear realized what had happened and turned to face Bolgrim, Just as he threw a punch at the bears snout, the bear managed to catch his fist in it's mouth and started trying to bite it off, Bolgrim yelped in pain and went to grab his small dagger, 'Tigerbane' the creator had called it, he got a grip of it's leather hilt and swiftly pulled it, without a second to think he slammed it down between to bears eyes with his free hand. The bear lost grip of Bolgrim's fist trapped in it's jaws as it started to loose it's strength, The dwarf yanked his fist out, The glove ripped apart and deep painful bite marks dribbled blood out. With his other hand, He pulled out his dagger, Kicking the bear in it's face before taking some steps back for safety.

"Nae more slaughterin' rams fer ye'." He muttered as he watched the bear pass away. Bolgrim smiled to himself in victory, Before turning to retrieve his gun in the snow and make his way back to Kharanos to see a priest.

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