The Dreaded Journey

This is about a boy who usually enjoys a sterling reputation at school but for some reason he just snapped. He's marched up to the principals office and has an embarrassing moment at the end.


2. The Wait

I reluctantly followed the principal, with all the boys laughing at me. Oh, how I wanted to wipe the grins off their fat faces. I skulked along behind the headmaster, as if trying to make myself as small as possible like a hedgehog balled up in the middle of a road.

When we got to his office, he said to me with a voice like ice;

"Wait there. And don't even think about going anywhere!" I didn't dare move, I just sat outside his office, in the uncomfortable chairs that were designed to make children squirm, looking for anything that I could read to take my mind off the hellish consequences that were most-certainly in store for me. I was wringing the towel in my hands, and as I did so, the same seemed to be happening to my stomach.

Then, after what seemed like an age, the principal stepped out into the hallway.

"In" he ordered, with a jerk of his thumb. I knew that the next few minutes would be the most blood-curdling moments of my life.

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