The Dreaded Journey

This is about a boy who usually enjoys a sterling reputation at school but for some reason he just snapped. He's marched up to the principals office and has an embarrassing moment at the end.


3. Sickness

I walked into his office, petrified. the principal sat down and gestured for me to do the same.

"I'm appalled at your behaviour today, Shane. I would have expected more from you." I felt physically sick at this point. "Sir, can I go now? I feel really sick." he stared daggers at me from across the table. "No, you will wait for your punishment! One weeks detention, and I will be calling your parents."

My stomach did a somersault at the mention of my parents, they would skin me alive. I suddenly threw up all over the headmaster, destroying his pristine, pin-striped suit! He stared at me, completely disgusted. I looked up at him with a mixture of embarrassment and fear in my eyes. "I guess that means double detention,sir." I said, expecting a tongue-lashing. But all he did was nod slowly in agreement

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