The Dreaded Journey

This is about a boy who usually enjoys a sterling reputation at school but for some reason he just snapped. He's marched up to the principals office and has an embarrassing moment at the end.


1. The Rise and the Fall

Hi, I'm Shane O Connell. My life in school was fine, brilliant in fact, I got straight A's and never got into trouble. That is, until April 12th 2012. . . . .

The day had started off like any other day, I woke up, had my breakfast, went to school and everything started out fine, until I had to go to P.E.

The boys were picking on me when we were getting changed because of a scar I had on my stomach from an operation I'd had a few months earlier. They were all laughing and jeering and then I just snapped. I grabbed someone's towel and wet it in the sink in the bathroom.

I then returned to the changing room and proceeded to hit everyone with it, the water dripping and all the boys running away, scared that they too would feel the sting of the wet towel on the bare flesh of their stomach or back. It was amazing, I was on a high, I finally had power over the horrible people that tormented me on numerous occasions.

And then I saw him, the principal, probably the strictest person to have come to the school in years. He'd probably heard the commotion and had come down to see what it was.

"You". He didn't raise his voice but that made it all the more unnerving. "Follow me"

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