The Worst Day of my Life

This is about a boy who, as hard as he tries, can't stay out of harms way.
I'll be honest it's not brilliant but I think it's funny and I hope you all like it


1. The bed

I was in my room watching a DVD on my Portable DVD Player and I saw my phone falling down the side of my bed. I got up to get it, tripped over the cord for the Portable DVD Player and landed head-first on the floor! I cried out in pain but battled on because I was determined to find my phone, I'm nobody without my phone. I just had to find it!


I was looking under my bed for my phone when I hit my head on the leg of the bed. The leg snapped,of course it did, bringing the whole thing crashing down on my already fragile body.

I always knew that we should have bought a proper bed instead of letting Dad make one!

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