The Worst Day of my Life

This is about a boy who, as hard as he tries, can't stay out of harms way.
I'll be honest it's not brilliant but I think it's funny and I hope you all like it


2. Five Hours Earlier...

I came home from the park, gladly, because firstly, I fell off my bike, resulting in a huge scrape on my knee, then, I fell off the swing (HA, "fell off", more like "was pushed off" by my 'friend'). So then my 'friend' hopped onto the swing, "didn't he stop to see were you ok?" the reader asks. No he didn't. He just jumped onto the swing and kicked me in the face while doing so! (It's just adding insult to injury, isn't it?)

And after about five minutes of pure agony on the ground, I tried to get up, dazed, and that's when I saw it. The swing with my fat friend on it came back and whacked me in the stomach, knocking the wind out of me, but no, that's not all. You see, when the swing hit me, it carried me along like the pendulum of a clock and sent me soaring through the air right into the pond in the park! (And I know what you're thinking; "well that's not too bad, at least you had a soft landing." But no, it was very bad, bearing in mind the fact that the pond hadn't been cleaned in over three years so instead of landing in water i landed in a mass of tadpoles, bugs and various different types of shit!)

I did what I thought was the smart thing to do; I went straight home, wincing with every pedal of my bike. (And I have to go up a hill to my house so yeah, painful journey)

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