A Tale Told In Rhyme

Here are some random poems I thought of. Including one from a year 6 poetry competition. Enjoy...


2. I Waited

Sitting there watching the world fly by,

Rocking to and frow in my rocking chair,

Thinking how my life is coming to a near end,

Pondering when I actually did care.


Those summer days on the beach,

How we walked together hand in hand,

And both having an icecream each,

We both got so tanned.


The summer was over

Our relationship came to an end,

I never saw you again,

You didn't write the letter you promised you'd send.


Thinking back how cliche was that,

How gulable I was thinkinking that you would do that,

At the mail box I used to wait,

Sitting on  the lawn with my trustworthy cat.


Now at 80 I feel I waited so long,

I think my time is up and I need to go,

I shut my eyes and counted to 10,

I guess I'll never see you again, no...

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