A Tale Told In Rhyme

Here are some random poems I thought of. Including one from a year 6 poetry competition. Enjoy...


1. My Time

As the world spins around me,
I here this haunting whispering sound,
I feel my heart beat faster,
As i fall onto the ground.

I see so many colours now,
Red, White, Green, Blue,
The faint buzz of the crowd gathering,
But the loud noise ringing through my ears is the sound of you.

Your telling me to get up,
Your telling me to get away from here,
Your telling me I'm not safe just lying here,
But i feel paralized by my own fear.

I feel someone shaking me,
Waking me from my sleep,
Someones here to rescue me,
Save me from the deep.

All I feel is black and white now,
The chills through my vains,
Life has no meaning since that dieing day,
I don't think I can live through all the pains.

But I sit here in silence,
Just watching, just waiting,
For my time to come,
In which I'm still anticipating...

(I wrote this in year six for a poetry competition.)
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