Perfect Day

When Caitlin falls head over heels, literally for Josh, she thinks everything will be perfect. Then everything changes and the only thing she can think about is Josh, but her family life isn't perfect either.


2. The Hospital

After a fairly quick but incredible painful trip to the hospital, Farly where I live is very bumpy, I arrived in a very busy, disenfectant smelling waiting room, and finally got to seat down.

Dad registered me while attempted to look after Max. After about a 2 hours of waiting and wishing I had brought a book with me or at least my phone a doctor called my name.

"Caitlin Nimmo,"

Dad helped me up and I hobbled over to the bed the Doc drew the curtains and introduced himself.

" Hello Caitlin, I'm Doctor Williams, what seems to be the problem."

"Oh right well, I was at the beach with my friend, and I tripped over some bucket and spade, thats it really," I said wincing in pain as the Doc started feeling my ankle.

"Well you've broken your ankle, but I'm just going to organise you a x-ray so if you just wait here, I'll be back soon."

Dad and I exchanged nervous glances, we had been in the hospital for about 2 and a half hours by this point, and I really wished I could just get home and have some painkillers and go to sleep, just as I began to dose off a nurse came into the room.

"Caitlin," she said.

"Yeah," I replied sleppily.

"If you can just come with me, we can do your x-ray.

I slipped into a wheelchair, and the nurse wheeled me into a room with beeps, and flashing sounds, whilst after getting on to another bed had the x-ray. I was then wheeled back into my original room and another nurse applied a cast that finished just below the knee. After about an hour of filling in various forms I was finally allowed to go home, and to be honest I felt like a right idiot hobbling after Dad and Max, and felt really annoyed myself for doing this on my last week of the school holidays which meant two things:

a) that I would have to go back to school on crutches and

b) that I wouldn't be able to do any of the fun things I had planned to do this week.

After spending 20 minutes in a traffic jam we finally arrived home and as soon as we got home, I went straight upstairs into my bedroom, changed into my pjs and went straight to bed, although before I was asleep Dad came up and gave me some parecetemol which I imagine my sleep a lot more comfortable but I can't really remember because I was asleep, but oh well.

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