Perfect Day

When Caitlin falls head over heels, literally for Josh, she thinks everything will be perfect. Then everything changes and the only thing she can think about is Josh, but her family life isn't perfect either.


3. The following day

I woke up the following day to see the sun glaring through the curtains, I attemped to get out of bed when I noticed a note on my bedside table it was from dad.

Dear Caitlin

I have taken Max to playgroup, and I am at work your medicine is on the table, I expect you to relax, Jess called and said she will coming round at 12.

Dad xxx


I looked at my phone it was 11.30 there would be no time for a shower now espiecally cause I had this stupid cast on, I slipped on some jogging bottoms and a t-shirt, hobbled down the stairs took my medicine and sat down with a cup of tea when suddenly there was a knock at the door, I got up it was Jess holding a box of chocolates. I oened the door and we sat down to resume the conversation we had been half way through on the phone yesterday.

"Have you called him," asked Jess.

"No, not yet, do youthink I should?" I asked.

"Text him now with your number, then he might call you, to find out how you are and that."

"Okay," I reached over and grabbed my phone off the table. Heys its Caitlin, How are you hope to see you again soon xx I pressed the send button. Jess and I spent the rest of the afternoon watching dvds and eating the chocolates she bought round, at 6 she left just in time really because thats when Max and dad came back.

"CAT!!!!," screamed Max jumping on to the sofa, he then spent an hour showing me all his new lgos which dad had got him to compinsate him having to spend his entire afternoon at the ospital, but to be honest it was much fun for me either. The rest of the week passed pretty much the same but I did get several cals and texts from Josh, and  his offered to drive me and Jess to college on Monday which is obviously an offer we have excepted because I didn't particuarly fancy the 40 minute journey to school on crutches.

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