Perfect Day

When Caitlin falls head over heels, literally for Josh, she thinks everything will be perfect. Then everything changes and the only thing she can think about is Josh, but her family life isn't perfect either.


4. The first Morning of school

It was 8 o'clock on Monday morning and Jess had jsut arrived at my house, we were leaning on my garden wall, discussing what teachers we would have while waiting for Josh when we heard a car horn, we looked up and there he was opening the door of his bright blue mini, Jess and I clambered in and began the journey to school, we continued our conversationa dn filled Josh in on all the school gossip so he wouldn't feel to new frtunately for both us he was in the same from as Jess and I so we all went up there together.

As I entered my form I could see Daisy eyeing Josh up, but Josh obviously noticed to because he gave me a quick peck on the cheek while everyone was introducing themselves, I felt myself blush did this mean we were together? I recieved the expected flurry of questions about what happened to my ankle, but fortunately no one dronned on to much.

After the usual first day back registration everyone recieved their timetables, I was relieved to find out that I was in 2 lessons with Jess and 2 with Josh so I lessons should be fairly fun this year, despite our approaching A levels.


The first week was fairly fun I only had one new teacher Ms.Kavanagh for History who seemed nice enough, all the every teacher saw fit to tell us how close our exam was every lesson whch got a bit tedious. My relationship with Josh didn't change much that week and I certainly wasn't expecting what was going to happen over the next term or even year.

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