Perfect Day

When Caitlin falls head over heels, literally for Josh, she thinks everything will be perfect. Then everything changes and the only thing she can think about is Josh, but her family life isn't perfect either.


1. The day we met.

It was late August and I was walking along the beach with my best friend Jess, thats when I saw him. He looked about 17 the same age as me, and was drop dead gorgeous, he had beautiful blue eyes, and I later found out he wore glasses, although he wasn't wearing them at that moment in time, He had curly ginger hair just like me and was very tall, which isn't rometly like me because I am tiny. Jess and I continued to walk along the beach when.

"Ow," I screamed, I had just fallen over some little kids bucket and spade and my ankle was killing me.

"Are you o.k," asked Jess.

"I'll be fine," I replied attempting to get up when as soon as I put any weight on my leg I fell again.

"Look, I'll just call your dad," Said Jess, "Cause your quite obviously not alright."

"Don't worry," the gorgeous boy said as he came running over, "I'll take you home where do you live?"

"24 pebble street," I replied and with one glance at his friend he scoped me up in his arms and started carrying me towards my house." "Whats your name", I asked once I had got over the initial shock of what had just happened. "I don't think I've seen you around before."

"You wouldn't have," replied the boy whos name I still didn't know, "I am Josh by the way," ahh finally I thought.

"I'm Caitlin, are you going to start college around here?"

"Yeah, Green County,"

"I go there, " I screeched possible a little bit too excitedly.

"Cool, well heres my number," He said whilst handing me a scrap of paper and knocking on my front door.

"Hello." Unfortunately my dad opened the door.

"Hey," I replied.

"HI, I'm Josh, your daughter fell at the beach, I think hes broken her ankle but I can't be sure you might want to take her to the hospital.

"Oh alright thanks Josh, I'm Geoff, Cat's father, would you mind just putting her in the car for me, I'm just going to get her little brother, Max,"

Josh slid me into the front seat while dad sorted Max out.

"Bye Cat," said Josh.

"Bye," I replied, "I'll call you."


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