The Residents: Angel and Demons Part 2 (#1)

With breif training from Ashton, Knight heads to LA to find Roy, who is searching for the knife with a girl who has recently lost her memory. Part 2 of 2


4. The Possesion

They had been quiet for a while when the three teens began hearing foot steps.
 "What the hell is that," asked Harley.
 "Shhh!" exclaimed Knight as the footsteps got closer and closer. They suddenly heard the footsteps stop in front of the cabinet. Someone was about to open the doors. 
 The doors opened quickly to reveal the Latino man, who was supposed to be dead. 
 Harley and Knight both jumped on top of him but it wasn't enough to bring him to the ground.
 "Come on boy scout stab him!" shouted Harley. The man then threw the girls off of him. 
 "You foolish bitches!" he shouted
Knight rushed to her backpack in the cabinet. 
"What are you doing? Stab him!" shouted Harley. 
"He needs to be exorcised first," replied Knight. 
 Knight started reading her Latin paper, trying hard to pronounce everything perfectly. 
 The Latino man's eyes became more dilated and the demon inside of him began shaking but to Knight and Harley's surprise he wasn't the only one shaking. It suddenly became clear to the girls that Roy had also been possessed. Knight continued reading the long page as Roy and the Latino man's bodies became more and more in distress. 
 Knight grabbed a cross and backed out of the cabinet and both girls backed away from the possessed men. As she read the last line, the two demons came out of the two men and materialized into wind. The wind picked up the knife and almost maid it out of the window but Harley managed to grab it, slightly cutting her hand. The Latino man fell to the ground. Knight ran to Roy and Harley to the other man. 
 "That mans already dead, the demon was just recycling," said Knight as she felt Roy's beating pulse. 
 "Boy scout ok?" asked Harley.
"Roy's ok, just unconscious the demon wasn't in him long enough to do any permanent damage," said Knight.
 Harley put the Knife in her left, undamaged boot as Knight sat by Roy. They were silent for a few minutes when they heard the door get kicked down and saw Jeff and Denise standing in the doorway.  
"O thank God, Knight," he said running up to her and hugging  her. 
"Dad!" exclaimed Knight. 
He looked in her eyes "Where is he?! What is his name!? Did he hurt you?! Is Roy ok?! Is everybody ok?!
 "Yes we're all fine!" insisted Knight. Denise walked slowly behind Jeff carrying a flashlight. She was a big women, but still attractive, with shoulder length blonde hair.  He just...knocked us all out and dragged us down here. Roy just hasn't woken up yet," Knight lied.
 "What did he want with you kids? How do we...How do you know he didn't do anything to you?" asked Jeff almost in tears. 
 "Dad! I really don't think he did anything to us," insisted Knight. 
Jeff looked hard at Harley.
 "You! Consual swears you're pure evil! She says you killed the men!" shouted Jeff as Denise grabbed Harley and pushed her against the wall. 
 "You have the right to remain silent," she began as Harley looked at Knight and Knight nodded towards the window. 
 Harley punched Denise in the face and kicked Jeff in the head. She then darted up and out the window and ran to the Harley Davidson as she found the key in her pocket. The cops, including Jeff and Denise chased her but she had a long head start.
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