The Residents: Angel and Demons Part 2 (#1)

With breif training from Ashton, Knight heads to LA to find Roy, who is searching for the knife with a girl who has recently lost her memory. Part 2 of 2


2. Snow White

It took Roy about an hour to search each room. He had only been threw three so far and found nothing. Finally he was on his fourth room. He entered to find 7 men and a young women all either unconscious or dead. The men formed a perfect circle with there feet around the young women. The rest of the room seemed completely empty. He began checking their pulses, starting with the girl.
 She had long brown hair and was absolutely beautiful. She then opened her beautiful green eyes and took a deep breath as soon as he grabbed her wrist. She began to sit up slowly till she noticed a boy standing above her. She then quickly stood up. "Who the hell are you!" she demanded holding up a gun that was on the floor near her.
"Im not going to hurt you...unless you're going to hurt me. My name is Roy Hamilton," he answered. 
"Then who the hell am I? She asked.
Roy starred at her curiously. "Well, you were sleeping next to seven men, so I guess you're Snow White," he said laughing. "but you probably don't remember who that is," said Roy awkwardly. 
"I know who Snow White is! I have abnesia I'm not retarded!" said the girl coldly. "What happened here? Are these people dead?!" she asked fearfully. 
"I don't know I was just about to check their pulses," he said bending over to one of the men. I'm not really sure what happened here, or you sure you don't remember anything?" he asked. 
"Positive," she said as she bent down to check a pulse. They checked all of the men but none had pulses. "Come on Prince Charming we have some investigating to do."
"Um when you say Prince Charming you realize We didn't actually, I mean I didn't actually..."
"Yah yah yah I got it you didn't take advantage of my unconscious body or whatever," exclaimed the girl.
"Yah you just kind of woke up on your own when I checked your pulse," said Roy.
"So what the hell are you doing here?" asked the girl.
"Um...boy scouts. Selling cookies," he couldn't beleive he used that one again.
She looked at him funny and smiled. "Of corse you are," she then said
Roy and the girl walked downstairs and the girl immediately ran to the phone, that was resting on a small circular table by the couch. The girl stared at Consuela, who was still unconscious on the floor in front of the couch. The girl then looked at Roy.
"Shes just unconscious, but what are you doing?" asked Roy as the girl pressed her ear to the phone.
"Calling nine one one dumbass," she replied.
"Don't you think....," began Roy. She then hung the phone up. 
"I'm not going to talk to them, but I think if I call they have to come here, but we still have time to bail let's go!" she demanded. Roy knew he needed the knife but he couldn't stick around for the police. He thought about the possibility that the women had it but she didn't seem to have anywhere she could have put it. She was wearing lose clothing, a tank top and Khaki shorts. She was carrying nothing but her gun. 
 "We can't leave," insisted Roy.
 "Maybe you can't but I sure as hell can," said the girl.
 "Wait just hold on. I'll be there in a minute," he promised as he ran up stairs.
 All of a sudden they heard the doorbell. The girl peeked behind the maroon curtains of a window, on the side of the door. "It's some girl...and is that Harley Davidson bike yours cause it's probably mine," the girl shouted at Roy.
 He ran down stairs and opened the door. 
 Knight immediately began kissing him as the girl watched in awe. Then Knight slapped him across the face. "That's for standing me up," she said smiling. "Wow Kyra would be so proud of me," said Knight quietly.
 Roy stood there to happy to speak as Knight came in and closed the door.
 "Who's the broad?" asked the other girl.
 "What are you doing here? Ashton wasn't supposed to send you here," said Roy. 
"I had to save your ass. So what went down here." 
 "Well the women on the floor is just unconscious," he said as they both looked over at her. "but something else happened," said Roy leading her upstairs to the room with the dead men. 
 "What did this? Was it Moraz?"asked Knight as the girl walked up stairs and followed them into the room.
 "Well... We don't really know for," Roy  began but the girl interrupted. 
 "Just say it, you think it was me!" she demanded. 
 They were interrupted by someone walking into the room. It was Jeff. They hadn't heard him come in over their talking.
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