The Residents: Angel and Demons Part 2 (#1)

With breif training from Ashton, Knight heads to LA to find Roy, who is searching for the knife with a girl who has recently lost her memory. Part 2 of 2


5. Nightmares

When Knight and Roy returned home, they were not at all at ease. They knew they had not yet encountered their last demon. They also knew how much more complicated things were now that Ashton and Harley are wanted fugitives.
 Jeff walked upstairs and knocked on his daughters bedroom door. 
 "Come in," said Knight who sat on her white, round chair. beside 
 "I just wanted to talk to you a little bit more about what happened. We didn't really talk much," he said.
 "I'm fine. There's nothing to talk about I promise," insisted Knight.
 "No I mean you were at a crime scene...I have to question you," Jeff said.
 "O, ok I thought we went over everything. I was kidnapped from the Comet bathroom, he made me smell chloroform. and tied to a chair in some dark room. I texted you, he took the phone, made me smell it again, and then I just remember waking up in that basement with that girl, who insisted she had been locked down there to. I know more must of happened but that's all me or Roy can remember. We can't really remember what the man looked like either," Knight said.
 "So you were never in the room, with the dead men?" 
 "No, I would of probably remembered that," said Knight.
 "Ok, I ordered a pizza, you should eat something," said Jeff.
 "Ya I actually am pretty hungry," said Knight standing up and exiting the room.
 "Ill be down in a minute," shouted Jeff. He then looked out of the door to be sure Knight was downstairs. He walked over to Kyra's dress that rested on Knights twin bed, and pulled a blue strip of cloth out of his pocket. He lined it up to where the dress was torn to reveal a perfect fit. "Well ain't that a bitch," he whispered to himself. 
 Knight grabbed two slices of pizza and walked outside to see Roy who was sitting on his front porch. Knight gestured for him to come over.
 They each sat on a red cushioned chair and Knight handed him a peice of  pizza. 
 "Thanks," he said taking a bite. "Things just got a lot more complicated didn't they?"
 "Yes...they did," answered Knight.
 "Where you possessed that whole time?"
 "I remember going into the mansion and exorcising a demon...and I guess it went into me,"said Roy.
 "It was weird. It acted exactly like you," said Knight.
 "Ya, there good at that," said Roy staring into the distance. 
 "We'll find the knife," insisted Knight.
 "And Harley. We need to find her too," said Roy as he took a bite of his pizza.
 Knight stared at him. "Yah her too." Knight stared at him for a moment.
 "So how much do you remember exactly?" asked Knight.
 "Pretty much everything, it was like I was there, trapped inside of me...without free will," explained Roy.
 "So you remember this," Knight said as she leaned in and kissed him.
 Around midnight that night, Knight woke up screaming. Her father rushed into her room and flipped the light switch. 
"Urse, was it about the tall man!" he demanded rushing to the side of her bed.
 Knight sat up and wiped her face. "No, it was about..." she began
 "About your mother. I know...because I've had them too. No matter what your dream was... You just shouldn't think of her like that.
 "Well, there's just not a whole lot else I remember about her," said Knight with no emotion.
 "What! That can't be true," said Jeff sounding shocked and upset.
 They were quiet for a moment, when Knight finally worked up the courage to say "Well it's not like you ever talk about her."
 Jeff had a very depressed look on his face "You're right Urse, you're right, all this time...all these years I should have been keeping her alive for you."
 "Dad..." knight began. 
 "She liked strawberries," began Jeff. "Probably more than anyone I've ever met," he said laughing.
 "Really strawberries, that's something I didn't know, said Knight smiling.
 Jeff began laughing harder "I have a story, I could tell you..." began Jeff.
 "Its ok if we wait till morning," said Knight.
 "Your really ok?" asked her father
 "Ya I'll be fine," she said smiling.
 "O and I just wanna let you know, there's no reason to have nightmares about the tall man either because I swear to you. Nothing on this planet is gonna stop me from catching him and the girl," 
 Knight nodded but she knew that was more of a reason to have a nightmare.
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