The Residents: Angel and Demons Part 2 (#1)

With breif training from Ashton, Knight heads to LA to find Roy, who is searching for the knife with a girl who has recently lost her memory. Part 2 of 2


3. Deja vu

Jeff stared at the three of them. "Dad!"
 O thank god! Knight! Where is he!? What is his name!? Did he hurt you!? Any of you?" He asked panting around the room looking at all the bodies.
 "No we're fine! He just brought us here and knocked us out and locked us in the basement but we woke up and got out," lied Knight.
"And he killed those men up! I bairly escaped with my life!" began the girl.
 "Dad...Why are you here alone and why haven't you hugged me? How'd you even know to come here," questioned Knight. 
 "Knight opened her backpack and pulled out her paper of Latin words. 
 "Hahaha I am not possessing this man," said the demon they perviously assumed to be Jeff. He then changed form to a large, dirty looking man in a plain white tee shirt. He had a beard. Knight recognized him as Roy's uncle, that he lived with.
 "What the hell is going on!" demanded the girl.
 "Is that supposed to scare me? You can't touch me you pathetic bastard," Roy said. Knight couldn't beleive his words. She never thought she'd here Roy say anything like that.
 The demon then changed to a taller better looking man, dressed in a suit and tie. "What's gotten into you Roy. That's no way to speak to your father!" 
 The girl held up her gun and shot the demon that appeared as Roy's father, but the bullet just made his head appear misty, as it passed clean threw his forehead not even leaving a mark. The girl sat down feeling light headed. 
 "You can't hurt us," said Knight calmly. 
The demon then turned into a beautiful women with shoulder length brown hair and beautiful green eyes. The same green eyes as Knight. It was her mother. "Can't I," it asked.
 Knight had tears in her eyes and the sudden urge to hug the demon. 
 "Knight go down stairs," said Roy nicely. 
 "O why so soon. We have so much to catch up on," said the demon.
 "Are you Moraz?" asked Knight who was about to cry.
 "No sweetheart, I'm not. Your not ready to face Moraz yet. Moraz will not come until your ready. 
 "I am ready!" Knight demanded.
 "No sweety your not. You belive you are because you are ignorant to us and our power. For instance you don't beleive I cannot cause you physical pain without possessing someone. 
 The demon stretched its arms out and a gust of wind began pulling the three teens towards the demon. A little strip of the bottom of Knights blue dress was ripped off as Knight bent over to grab a wooden crucifix from her backpack. She held it up at the demon and the wind stopped. The demon began staring at the other girls boot. You have it! Give it to me now!
" What are you..." began the girl when the demon interrupted by stretching her hand out, causing a long, silver knife with a white handle to cut itself out of the girls boot.
 "The knife!" shouted Roy as the knife floated near the demon.
 Knight ran up to the demon holding the cross. The cross weakend the demon enough for Knight to take the knife.
 "Knight, sweety, give mommy the knife," said the demon calmly. 
 "Just get the hell out of here!" Knight shouted holding the knife near her neck and the cross in her face.
 "I knew you couldn't do it," laughed the demon. Knight then brought the cross closer and stabbed the knife into the demons chest. The demon suddenly became corporeal. 
 "You managed to get me killed...again whispered the demon as it immediately caught on fire and slowly burned to ashes, screaming in pain. The fire suddenly stopped and only ashes remain on the floor. Knight backed up and then ran down stairs hiding her face. Roy ran after her and the girl followed.
 "Knight, are you ok?" Knight turned around in tears. 
"I'm fine, we got what we came here for. Now we can go.
 They were then interrupted by the sound of police sirens. A noise that always made Knight very uneasy.
 "We have to hide," exclaimed the girl. 
They rushed to a door in the back of the living room that led to the basement and locked it behind him. They knew that wouldn't hold them long.
 They heard the doorbell ring several times and then the door was kicked down.
 The basement was large and cluttered with mess. They noticed an old Latino man, who they assumed to be Consual's husband. Knight felt for a pulse.
 "Hes dead," she said gloomly. Very little light peered in from a window above ground. 
 "We gotta hide in there," said the girl pointing at a large wooden cabinet that was both tall and wide. They all climbed in together.
 "If they find us we can just say we were all knocked unconscious and shoved in here and im sorry, I don't think we've met," said Knight. 
 "I hope you're talking to me...You know, considering you stuck your tung down his throught," said the girl.
 "Yeah, I'm Knight," said Knight.
 "Call me... Harley said the girl thinking of the Harley Davidson bike she believed to be hers.
 "She has abnesia. She was unconscious in the room with
men all around her," Roy explained.
 "So she killed seven men...and now we're in a cabinet with her?" said Knight.
 "Hey! I probably didn't kill anyone," said Harley sounding angered.
 "Whatever, did you at least find the knife?" Knight asked.
 "Why are the cops here?" asked Knight.
 "Harley called nine one one," said Roy.
 "Ok What the hell was that thing! And why did it want that knife! As much as I can believe you are a boy scout. You were obviously here for another reason, how do I know you didn't kill those men?"
 "Scouts honor?" said Roy.
 "That's it I'm out of here," insisted Harley
 "Wait!" said Knight. Harley didn't want to wait but she also didn't want to go back out there.
 "I know how overwhelming this must be for you, but I'm in the same boat. I've known about the demons for only a few hours now. We can't go back out there. We just have to stay put for now," said Knight. 
 "If that thing is a demon, couldn't it be possessing those cops right now?" asked Harley. 
 "No I don't think so they just want us," said Roy.
 "Then why are they after me?" asked Harley. 
 "They probably aren't now but you were most likely possessed by one of them, and they need the knife because it is the only thing that can return them to hell, and they don't want us to have it," explained Knight.
 "Knight, you should probably give me the knife. You've been through a lot today. I should probably have it in case we run into more trouble," insisted Roy.
 "Roy, I'm fine," insisted Knight. 
 "Well still I think I can take the next one...If you don't mind," said Roy.
Knight handed him the knife.
 "The next one!?" shouted Harley.
 Back at the comet, Knight's father was freaking out. Knight was expected back at ten and it was now after midnight.
"What the hell do you mean she disappeared Ned!?" demanded Jeff.
"Jeff... I'm so sorry. I saw her get up, she went to the bathroom, and she had been in there for so long. I knocked on the door and no one answered. I walked in and no one was in there. The window was closed...I'm just so sorry Jeff," said Ned in tears. "I promise you we will get her back!"
"I'm sorry Ned, I know this must be extra emotional for you of all people. Are you sure Roy never came here?"
"Im positive. I'll do anything to help Jeff. You gotta let me help. Please!" insisted Ned.
"Just go home and get some sleep Ned. I promise I'll keep you posted," said Jeff.
Jeff then realized if anyone knew where they were it would be Kyra and if she didn't he would still have to break the news to her.
Kyra woke up startled by her vibrating phone. She looked at the caller idea and saw it was Knights home.
"O my god, where the hell were you and Roy?" asked Kyra.
"Kyra, it's Mr. Knight.
Kyra smiled "O Jeff, what are you doing calling me at this hour?"
"Kyra, this is serious Knight never came home," said Jeff.
She smiled even more and tried to keep from laughing. "O that is serious," she said.
"Her and Roy both went missing. Some man took them. Knight texted me he is tall with short brown hair and light brown eyes. Do you have any idea where they might be or even who he is?" Jeff asked. 
As Jeff asked that question Kyra stopped talking and looked at the tv. She was watching the news. 
"Police suspect this teen girl and boy fled from the scene as described by Consuela Lopez," said the news women." The screen showed a sketch of the girl and boy that looked exactly like Harly and Roy.
"Jeff! turn to channel two now!" demanded Kyra.
Jeff grabbed the remote control and turned the tv on. He  looked at it in shock. 
"I don't remember much about the boy, just his face. The women is very bad, very bad women, very dangerous. She killed those men. And her eyes! Her eyes were...terribly dilated," Consuela cried in agony.
Jeff hung up the phone and made another call to his partner.
"Denise we need to go to LA.... My daughter is missing.... Ok il pick you up." 
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