The Residents: Angel and Demons Part 2 (#1)

With breif training from Ashton, Knight heads to LA to find Roy, who is searching for the knife with a girl who has recently lost her memory. Part 2 of 2


1. Consuela

Roy was driveing with mixed feelings. Anger, fear, and anticipation were just a few of them. It was getting harder and harder to ballence them out. He was well prepared for what he would soon face. He looked down at the address Ashton had given him.
He stopped his red 07 mustang in front of the fence of an old, large, and creepy looking mansion. The gate was wide open. A large white van and a Harley Davidson motorcycle were parked outside. He grabbed a backpack of things he would probably need and began walking to the front door.  
 He didn't know exactly what to expect. Ashton only told him that something happened very recently at this address and the secret knife they were searching for was sure to be here.
 He knocked loudly on the door before he noticed there was a doorbell. He rang it and almost immediately saw the doorknob turn as he waited in anticipation to face whoever or whatever would answer the door. 
The door opened to reveal an old Latino women. Roy smiled and tried to pretend that this women was only a women, but he knew that was doubtful.
"May I help you?" asked the old lady with a heavy accent.
"Yes," Roy said smiling, he then realized he didn't come preparing to say anything. "I ah I'm saleing cookies," he said realizeing how dumb that was. Roy was never good under pressure. 
The old women looked at him curiously "Dear, where are the cookies?"
"I umm. There in my backpack. Do you mind if I come in?" said Roy nervously.
"Ok," she said moving aside to let him pass "I am Consuela Lopez have a seat dear," she said leading him pass the staircase and into the living room. 
 He sat on the old furniture as the women disappeared into the kitchen. "I'll make you some tea," she insisted. 
"Thank you, thats very nice," Roy looked around the large room and noticed there were decrotive crosses all over the walls. He began to think she may be a normal women but he had to be sure. He grabbed a cross from his backpack. As soon as the women returned he stood up and held it in her face.
"O I see," said Consuela without her accent. Her eyes dialated. 
 Roy began speaking Latin in an attempt to exorcise the demon, but it grabbed his arm tightly and swung it, causing him to drop the cross. Then she threw him against the wall. 
"Such a happy child, you are. So eager to find mommy and daddy's killer and of corse little sister. You act as though your so much different than us. I have never seen such a vengeful spirit your age. I've never seen someone want to kill a human so badly yet walk around with a smile." 
Roy then began speaking Latin again ignoring the demon.
"A smile to push the pain away, just push the pain and the anger all away. Push it all away, but the pain creates anger and the anger creates a demon inside of you, a vampire. A monster hungry for blood waiting to be pissed off enough just to come out and play. Just come out and play Roy! Come out and play!" she said quickly laughing histaricly as Roy's words evict her from her body. He could still here the laughter even after it left Consuela's  body. 
Roy checked the old womens pulse. She was still alive just unconscious. He didn't have time to wait for her to wake up. He needed the knife.
He ran up the stairs and began checking the many rooms, one at a time. 
 Meanwhile, in Ashton's home Knight sat by the man who had recently died. She was ready to go get Roy now. "Why do we need this knife if you just killed a demon?" she asked Ashton who was sitting near Knight in a chair from his kitchen. 
"I did not kill the demon. He has simply left the mans body, they do not even need a body. They can appear as anyone without a body but he cannot be corporeal without one. To send them back to hell, we need the knife. I know there is nothing I can say to stop you from looking for Roy Hamilton. I shall give you the Latin words that will evict a demon, and I will give you the address and of corse, your automobile," he said walking threw his kitchen and into a door leading to his garage and Knight followed.
"Automobile?" she asked.
They walked into the garage but it was empty. "I shall return shortly, said Ashton. He suddenly vanished, but about five seconds later he reappeared in a blue 07 mustang, identicle to Roy's red one.
"I don't even have my drivers license," said Knight sounding impressed.
"I will pray for you, and you will be fine," insisted Ashton.
"How did you even get this?" asked Knight.
"The lord always provides what the recruits need," Ashton answered.
Ashton walked back into his house and came back with two sheets of paper. One with Latin words and the other with directions and an address. 
"I don't know Latin!" she demanded. 
"You do not have to know what you are saying. It is all punctuation," said Ashton, though Knight still wasn't confident she could pronounce any of it.
Ashton handed the papers along with a backpack to Knight who was now sitting in the drivers seat of her new car. She had the window rolled down.
"What's in the backpack?" she asked. 
"Things that are greater than the demons," he answered.
"What did that demon mean... when he called me the vessel?" asked Knight sounding nervous.
"I do not know, but please be carefull," he said pushing the garage opener on his wall.
Knight nodded "Always am," she said backing up the car. 
She was scared as she drove off. Not just of the demons but also of driving. She knew how to drive, but only by watching others, but she found it to be relatively easy. Though that could be because of Ashton's prayers. 
This was the first time she had a chance to process everything. It was all so overwellming. Just last night she was just a normal teen about to go on a date. Now she was a demon hunter on her way to save her date. She never even had a chance to change out of the blue dress, she had borrowed from Kyra. She had to assume he was still alive. It was the only thing keeping her going, but if he wasn't alive, that would be good motivation too.
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