Heroes of the World of Warcraft

in a game practically teaming and bursting at the seams with heroes who would care about my little motley crew? well I for one do. In the coming chapters you will read the exploits of these chosen few. some fight for the glory of the Alliance. Others battle for the will of the Horde. and then there are the ones that don't really hold allegiances with either.


2. The Rough Landing

The girl slowly came to her senses. she tired to get her bearings but when she tried to stand she fell back to the ground with a surge of pain. The intensity of it nearly brought her to unconsciousness. she just laid there, unable to raise herself due to some unknown injury. she tried to focus her blurred vision to no avail. whatever had happened to her was no small thing. then she felt it, the enveloping feeling of fatigue, what little strength she had was wavering, fast. she then heard a sound. like foot falls, only hooves. could it be possible?! she tried to call out only to let out a raspy cough that only made her pain even worse.

"Did you hear a sound just now?"

"Yes I think it came from those bushes. Oh divine light please let it be another survivor."

The girl couldn't fight it anymore her eyes began to cloud over. she noticed silhouettes of two towering figures approach her in haste. she guessed they tried to talk to her but she heard nothing, and like that everything went black.

"She's lucky to have survived the crash, and that you two happened upon her when you did. Were you even a moment later than you were she probably would not have made it."

The girl stirred at hearing these words. In a flash she noticed her pain was gone. The weariness that engulfed her earlier had all but vanished. Without putting much effort into it she quickly arose from her makeshift bed she had been placed upon. she quickly scanned the area. there were several more beds with her kin laid out just as she was prior and she could see some of the more able going about healing the wounded and near dead. her gaze then fell upon the one she heard speaking, a Draenei in a yellow and blue robe carrying a staff. She could tell he was the one that took over among all the chaos if the various debris, damage, and injured draenei was anything to go on. looking at the three converse one of them stuck out more than the other two. He had an aura about him and was clad in mail, flimsy mail but mail none the less with a hammer to match. He had a mustache and goatee look with several draeonic tendril appendages  as well. his hair was of average length, going no father than his shoulders and dark brown in hue along with his facial hair. and his horns were in an odd style, even for draenei. Three horns came from the top of his head to the back with the third and last sticking out the farthest of the three. The girl recognized him in an instant;

"Zinal! you're alright!"

the three draenei turned at hearing the voice. and when Zinal saw who it was he rushed over and swept her from her sitting position on the mat she was laying on.

"Xaimar! oh dear sister you're well once more! thank the Naaru!"

Then and there the two siblings embraced, both relieved the other survived the crash.

In time Xaimar was brought up to speed with what had happened. the ship they were on, the Exodar, somehow had been damaged in transit from Tempest Keep and was sent crashing to Azeroth with debris being scattered all over a small island chain. The number of casualties were immense. now recuperated the brother and sister duo set out from their crash site in search of the Exodar where Xaimar was to undergo her training in shamanism, due to her knack with elemental control. her brother on the other hand was destined for the life of a paladin for the light came to him with greater ease than most. along their travel Xaimar couldn't help but gaze in wonder of the surrounding landscape. The plant life, the indigenous animal life. She didn't want to say it aloud but even the many crystal debris from the Exodar gave the surroundings some color.

"I wonder if the rest of this planet is a lush as these islands are brother?"

"Who knows Xai, it very well could be, but for now let's focus on reaching the Exodar's landing sight. there will be plenty of time to explore this vast world later."

Xaimar just looked up at her brother and with a smile nodded. the two had finally happened upon the Exodar and not wasting anytime went in search of Nobundo, the first draenei to be accepted by the elements and the secrets of shamanism. as they entered a couple guards came over to speak with Zinal. Xaimar stopped and waited for them to finish when Zinal interrupted the guards and looked over to her.

"Xai, this may take some time. Why don't you go on ahead. I'll catch up once I'm done conversing with these guards."

"Alright brother. don't be long."

With that the young draenei rushed off towards the quarter of the Exodar that Nobundo was awaiting.

"Now Zinal are you ready to accompany us to see the Prophet?"

Zinal just watched as his sister disappeared into the Crystal Hall. once she left his vision he turned to the guards and nodded. with that the party set off to see Velen while Xaimar, oblivious to what her brother was doing, dashed through the Crystal Hall, nearly colliding with more than a few guardsmen and vendors. she finally arrived at where Nobundo was meditating, out of breath and panting. The Broken glanced up from his mediation to see the new comer, a lean draenei female with swept back horns and dark red short hair with bangs in between her eyes. Clad in some moderate leather and carrying a shield and mace and visibly out of breath and excited.

"So, you are the one who was accepted by the elements that i have had visions of?"

Xaimar only nodded, now trying to compose her self in front of the venerable seer. Nobundo chuckled and rose from his seat.

"Before I accept you as a pupil you must show me proof you can indeed call forth the elements."

Confused Xaimar just stared dumbly at the Broken. and then she recalled something. during a fight with some nage she shot forth lightning from her hand, but she did that without thinking. could she do it again. she closed her eyes and began to focus her energies. she tried to reach out to whatever elemental would listen and then she heard the crackling. surprised she opened her eyes and raised her hand. electricity was arcing all over her hand. Nobundo nodded his approval.

"Good, you grasp the basics easily enough. i will train you."

"Really?! Yes! this is going to be awesome!"

During Xaimar's little victory leap she completely forgot about the lighting in her hand and with little warning the bolt shot forth, straight up into the Exodar's ceiling. Xaimar blushed in embarrassment, her face going from light blue to red. Nobundo only chuckled at the sight.

"We will first work on your self control I think."

And so Xaimar's training began. Nobundo was the only other person she had contact with for quite a long time. she was forbidden to leave the chambers until Nobundo believed she was ready and could learn no more from him. Days turned to weeks and weeks into months and all the while Xaimar could only think about what adventures her brother was having without her. then the day came, her final test. she was ready. the excited, young draenei had become an experienced shaman. hard work and discipline showed out from her confident features. she was ready. Nobundo was measuring her up and down. and then he stared her dead in the eyes.

"This is it, Xaimar. if you pass this test you will have learned all I can offer."

"I am ready master Nobundo."

"We shall see. now bring forth a totem of earth."

With relative easy Xaimar summoned forth a totem energized by the essence of earth.

"Now, a totem of fire"

Again Xaimar easily caressed the energies of fire and summoned them from the planes into a totem that landed at her feet.

"Next, a water totem."

With two out already Xaimar strained to summon a third, but eventually she tapped into the watery plans and summoned forth a totem of water. Nobundo could see the exertion on her face. was she truly ready? no time to second guess. it was all or bust by this point. should she waiver now the energies she has already summoned would surely revolt and incinerate her. She must show she is able to control all four, under duress of each one at once to truly be ready.

"Now Xaimar, bring forth a totem of air."

Xaimar was now visibly struggling. the already placed totems were becoming agitated with the energies within lashing out, trying to escape their confines. Xaimar went down on one knee the concentration of keeping the other three up was becoming to much for her. if she didn't get the energies of air soon, she would be done for. then she felt it. the static of lightning the breeze of the wind, the plane of air! she reached out to the forces and with a roar she summoned forth a fourth and final totem, a totem of air. she had done it. with her legs shaking she arose from kneeling doing her best to stand tall. she was now surrounded by four totems, each containing essence from each of the Elemental Planes.

"You have passed, Xaimar. you have learned all i can offer and are deemed ready to undergo the next part of your journey."

"next part?"

"Yes child. You must now go out into this world and cultivate your powers even further. To one day truly become one with the forces of nature and the planes."

"Thank you master Nobundo. I will not disapoint you, and next we meet I hope to have fulfilled this mission you have bestowed onto me."

With that Xaimar dismissed the totems that were around her and with a final bow turned around and walked off into the caverns depths, only to vanish from sight.

We now fast forward from Xaimar's gaduation day. she has ventured far from Azuremyst, no longer the excitable girl she once was. she was now a shaman. that said there are somethings that training in the ways of the elements can't teach. one of them is curing naivety. somewhere deep into Kalimdor Xaimar was in dire straits. Drained of mana, exhausted, disarmed, lost, and staring down a colony of spiders. annoyed both with herself and the shady person that gave her the quest Xaimar grumbled to herself;

"That is the last time I take a job from a goblin..."

The spiders began to surround her on all sides. she was cornered. then one shot out webbing to further trap their prey. Xaimar easily dodged the sticky webbing but she wasn't so lucky with the second and third volleys. before long she was entangled and being dragged toward the waiting mandibles of the spiders. but then she heard one shriek out in pain through the webbing she could see something on top of one of the spiders. the stout figure leapt off the mortally wounded beast and brought its weapon onto another. the remaining spiders forgot their trapped prey and turned on the figure. Xaimar took this time to untangle herself of the webs. once she was finally free she got a better look at her savior. it was a dwarf with long brown hair and a full beard to match. clad in plate armor and wielding an ax and hammer in each hand the dwarf went into a frenzy, slaying the spiders left and right. in time the only things left alive were a relieved draenei and a blood covered dwarf who was currently looting the spiders for anything valuable.

"Thank you for your timely rescue, dwarf. were you not here i would surely have been dinner for those things."

the dwarf raised his head, only now acknowledging that there was someone else in the cavern with him. the dwarf took off the goggles that were covering his eyes to better see the damsel he unwittingly saved. now looking at the female draenei the dwarf smiled and nodded his head toward her.

it was no trouble my dear lass. I just happened to be passing by when i noticed this cave here."

Xaimar then noticed something about the dwarf; he was trembling. Due to the adrenalin rush from before? or perhaps fear?

"Oh almost forgot."

the dwarf went for his satchel and pulled forth an ax and a dagger, both swirling with elemental energies.

"I believe these are yours, lass."

Xaimar happily excepted her missing weapons.

"Again, I thank you dwarf."

"Ach, name's Siles. don' need to call me by my race my dear. and to whom do I have the honor of saving this day?"

"oh, of course. my name is Xaimar. a pleasure to make your aquaintence Siles."

but the dwarf went deaf to the kind greeting. He was now staring wide eyed at Xaimar. Xaimar noticed this change and before she could ask Siles blurted out a question;

"Are you related to a paladin draenei by the name Zinal?"

it was now Xaimar's turn to be surprised.

"You know my brother?! tell me, Siles how is he?! where is he?! is he well?!"

Siles did not answer right away. he lowered his head in a solemn bow. Xaimar knew then and there; her brother was not well.

"Siles, where is my brother? you obviously know him."

"Knew would be the proper way of saying it i'm afraid."

"How do you mean?"

"Well lass, it goes like this...."

and so Siles divulged how he came to know Xaimar's brother, and he ultimatly killed the paladin.




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