Heroes of the World of Warcraft

in a game practically teaming and bursting at the seams with heroes who would care about my little motley crew? well I for one do. In the coming chapters you will read the exploits of these chosen few. some fight for the glory of the Alliance. Others battle for the will of the Horde. and then there are the ones that don't really hold allegiances with either.


1. The Dwarf of the Lonely Path

To begin our little soiree we begin with the older of the many heroes to be discussed. He is a dwarf. a dwarf born during the rein of the great King Magni Bronzebeard, a dwarf that came from humble origins. His father was an engineer, trained by some of the best tinkers Azeroth had to offer, unfortunately most of them were goblins, which would explain why our heroes father passed away by means of explosion, the crater left behind would of made any goblin sapper proud. As for the mother, well no one's sure, she wandered off one night in a drunken rage and hadn't been seen since, but this story is not about the kooky antics of these poorly departed dwarves, it is about the offspring they left behind. a dwarf by the name of Siles Lonepath. Siles was orphaned when he was in his early 20s. he was returning home from his errand to Kharanos, picking up a couple kegs of ale and some decent cheese and meat from a bit of coin he scrounged up from the local wildlife. he returned home to the crater his father left and nothing more. The grief struck our hero quick. He plopped down on the frozen ground with keg in hand and chugged away, sobbing as he went. When next he awoke he found himself outfitted with chain mail, wielding an ax, and was still in possession of his meat, well a few ribs at least.

"Oy lad! You back with us?"

our hero, still a bit confused looked about to see where the sound was coming from. his blurred eyes fell upon the visage of a dwarf with a beard like his, only gray with age and his hair to match. besides this odd similarity our hero had with this dwarf he also wielded a blunderbuss and seemed to clothed for combat.

"Lad, anyone home in there?! I swear the mountain guard will recruit anyone these days. OY BOY LISTEN ERE!"

in a flash Siles stood to attention, which is odd considering his complete lack of knowledge with everything military.

"Ah good so you're not completely soft then. Right, down to business then. Names Joren, I want you to go down this hill and lighten the population of some of those damned troggs and wolves that have been infesting Coldridge of late."

saying this the dwarf  called Joren pointed down the hill behind Siles, who reluctantly turned to see. Wolves and troggs were just ambling back and forth below him. Siles went stiff in fright and began to tremble.

"Well? you just gonna cower there like a wee gnome or are you going to do your part for the good of the Bronzebeard clan and help eradicate these pests?" 

Siles shook his head as he continued to stare down at the multitudes of enemies below.

"Right, guess you'll need some incentive then."

With that Joren gave Siles a swift kick to his backside that sent our hero tumbling down the hill to the awaiting enemies below.

"Tell ya what lad, if you manage to survive and kill off most of those blighters there might be a reward in it for yeh."

Siles now sitting up just glared up at the dwarf who sent him to his inevitable grave. He then turned to see the "pests" he was to thin. To his horror everything down here had stopped ambling about and was now staring him down, like prey. Siles, his nerves now shot, weakly raised his ax and attempted a combat stance. The wolves and troggs charged at once toward this easy target. Siles closed his eyes and awaited his end. To his surprise though he was still there. Daring to see what happened he slowly opened his eyes. What he saw amazed him; a gnome mage was tackling some troggs with ice bolts, a dwarf paladin was smiting left and right with the forces of the light and a large hammer, and another dwarf was firing away with a blunderbuss not far off. The sight both amazed and changed our hero. he was filled with confidence. The fear that once gripped him was weakening. He hefted his ax and with a roar he charged an unsuspecting wolf and with all his might he brought his ax downward on the beast, only to miss. Confused he swung again. He barely nicked the beast, but he was filled with new resolve and continued to hack away, all the while oblivious to the bites he was now receiving from his target. In time the wolf fell dead in a pool of blood caused by our heroes many swings. Siles stood triumphant. He had killed the beast with his own hand. He felt good. He felt alive.

"Good job lad, now kill another nine and we'll go from there."

Siles went weak once again at hearing that from on top of the hill. He then looked at his own wounds. He couldn't survive another go as he was now! That dwarf was mad, but then he was engulfed in light. The pain melted away and his wounds healed as though he never had them. He turned to see the paladin standing by him, channeling a healing spell. The fellow dwarf just smiled and with his work done he unsheathed his hammer and went off to slaughter yet more unsuspecting wolves and troggs and possibly a few innocent rabbits who would be unlucky enough to be in the way. His health and strength replenished Siles zeroed in on another wolf and charged full boar, confidence plastered upon his features.

The grizzled, scarred war vet just smiled as he reminisced on his past, glancing downward into the valley were he began his adventure all those years ago. sitting on top of a peak in the mountains of Dun Morogh Siles Lonepath, Siles for short and to those who knew him, was taking a break from the hustle and bustle of his new life. he had traveled long and far, seen sights that would have slain anyone less of courage than he. He had been to the ruined remains of Outland, the harsh cold continent of Northrend. he had traveled to the elemental planes as well in his mission to stop The Destroyer, Deathwing. He had faced off against the worst that the previous Lich King could throw at him, though he himself never had the opportunity to face Arthas on top of Icecrown. He had battled Illidan in Outland with Maiev and many others at his side. He had gazed upon the Old Gods, sealed away by the titans years prior to life on Azeroth. He had his equal share of victories and defeats. He had tasted both of happiness and grief. He had made and lost trusted allies in his constant struggle to live and fight. and now here he sat, a legend in his own right, clad in near impenetrable plate armor and wielding some of the greatest weapons a mortal dwarf could wield. A far cry from the flimsy mail and crude ax he began with all those years ago. Content with his rest Siles rose from his seat on the peak and standing up he brushed off what snow continued to stick to him. Bending down he retrieved his hat and goggles that he set aside. Looking at the enhanced goggles Siles could only smile. To think that even after seeing what became of his father and his fascination with engineering that he too would also train to be an engineer, with a specialization in goblin no less. Then there was the hat, there wasn't anything special about it, just some dusty, old leather hat he found on his many travels, but it's what the hat symbolized to Siles that made him keep it. It was a reminder and an inspiration of one of his many heroes, Brann Bronzebeard, the dwarf explorer who was on a mission to map out every nook and cranny Azeroth had to offer. Siles even had the privilege to fight along side his hero. In the vast corridors of Ulduar and her halls of lightning and stone and again in the region of Uldum on Kalimdor alongside none other than Harrison Jones, again the memories flooded over him. once again he looked down toward Coldridge and then he turned his gaze outward, towards the great sea that separated the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor with the ever churning Maelstrom at its heart. then, to no one in particular he mused to himself;

"I wonder where that dwarf is now? last i heard he set off to explore the seas. some nonsense about some long lost land or something, but knowing Brann, he'll find it."

that said Siles donned the leather hat upon his now bald head, his long locks of brown long since vanished and turned white along with his beard, and wrapped the goggles about the brim. he then rummaged into his travel sack and pulled forth a small stone engraved with a green symbol.

"let's see what the others are doin then."

And in a green flash Siles vanished from the spot, the only clue that someone was even there, the disturbed snow that was beneath his feet.


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