An Ode to Sandra

A poem I wrote for my dear friend who was at a low point in her life. Sometimes, a single poem is more powerful than a million sessions of therapy. Sometimes you should go out of your way to remind friends just how special they are. Hope you enjoy as much as she did. :-)


1. Sandra

As gracious as the light within, as grand as the light without, Oh Sandra, why doth serendipity lay in bed with me? The black sheets of thine night, through your very essence The light restored like a beacon, bursting thro the black sheets of thine life, left nothing but divinity.

How can one describe a friend so true, so raw and unstructured as though God’s own mould could not contain her, But set her free it did, and the world never looked back no, but forward and thru baby Sandra’s first steps our mother earth found herself when prior, all life was a haze, a blur.

‘I love Russell Brand’ she so proudly proclaimed, ‘and I love reading autobiographies to understand and nurture a point of view’, Oh Sandra, how humbly you behave so modestly, Don’t you see?! Of course how could you, the secret is the next time we all read a biography about a great person, It will be one written about you.

A snowflake cannot gasp in awe at its own uniqueness nor an angel be blinded by its own light, like a princess you give a knight his duty, A purposeful meaning for which humanity is grateful, Oh Sandra! How could I expect you to be aware, just as a flower That blooms in the spring could never ever know of its wondrous beauty.

The oceans whisper your name as the waves kiss the beach, Enchanted by your rhythm, back forth on golden sand without care or worry, The mighty mountains stand strong but never comparing to the strength, The wisdom, the sensitivity you yourself maintain, In this empty world you bring hope despite all of its flurry.

There are things in this world which are not meant to last, There are things which I must vow to protect, That which I have discovered to hold so true to my heart Like the rarest of jewels, the shiniest of diamonds, your friendship lifts one’s soul transporting to a higher plane, where one’s souls connect.

The Moon once told me, there was no other rival except the Sun, One mention of your name it quickly, quietly blushed, The stars crowded listening, blinking filling the night sky as though to show off their vast numbers, Oh Sandra, how could you know! That they are all YOUR audience, their applause, can never be hushed.
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