My Fiery Self

My entry for "Jessica's Competition".... About fire, but a different kind. Have a read and see what you think. :)


1. My Fiery Self


You put me


I get back up

You say I'm wrong

I say what is wrong?

In this world

Nothing's ever right

Or wrong

You tell me what to do

Who to be

I don't wanna be someone I'm not

I just wanna be me

What I have

And you don't

Is not something that can be made

It's something I was born with

In the words of Gaga

I was Born This Way

What I have

It something that starts

Very small

And    r o  s 

An ember

Igniting every muscle

Every bone

It grows and grows

From flame


It gives me strength

And hope

And fight


Inside of me

It's who I am

It's what   s e p a r a t e s 

You and me

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