A grey horse

This is a story about a young girl named Heather who has lota of adventures with her bay mare, Blaze.


1. The nightmare

It was the last blow. This last strike would leave my mare stone dead, lying among terrifying memories of my life. I stood there waiting to see my best friend being killed. My feet were planted in the soft ground. The smell of blood sickened me. I lookes into his eyes as he held the whip over his head. I saw fire. And evil. My body trembled as I let out a terrifyed whimper. I looked at my horse laying on the ground. Sides heaving. Sweat dripping from her crisp bay coat. Her eyes met mine and they said "heather save me..what have I done to deserve this?". This was It, I could not let this happen. I had to stop this man. But I was afraid of this man. His big ghastly hands grasped the long, blood stained whip. He swung it one last time and it lashed down hard on Blaze's neck. I screamed watching my horse sigh in pain and close her eyes...never to open again. I was so afraid of this man........because he was my father.
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