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For those of you that don't know about Top 5 Movellas Of The Week:

Top 5 Movellas of the Week is a weekly competition judged by XxJessxX, Adam Gilray and Dann Fairface. Each week the top 5 movellas will be featured in this movella, as a way to raise awareness to lesser known writers. Prizes will include; likes, favs and fans from us as well as the awareness received. Approved By The Movellas Staff! :O - also Competitions will also be in this Movella Events :D... So good luck to everyone and we look forward to reading your fantastic work! - Check This Movella Every Week To See Who Win's :'D - Forum Link to topic for


1. Competition Winners! [1] - Sorry it took so long :)


The winners of JessComp 2012?  [Competition 1]

Jessica's Comment:  They were all so great, I loved all of the competition entries. Sadly you can't all win, so to be fair I have re-read all of the Movellas entries and I am going to choose which one truly deserves a chance of winning. Well the winner's are below, along with the ones that were great. 1) & 2) & 3) Place too :P

1) Beneath The Surface by: Bells Hunter

This was a beautiful story, the title had me reading this. The lovely words that were put into this, the sad and lovely storyline had me shed a tear. The way it flows with the reader made me feel sad. I loved this so much x - Congratulations Bells Hunter. You must keep writing more, add more to the story :). More chapters <3 Link:

2) Chasing Shadows by: Annie.G


The story was very romantic, the way it was written touched my heart. I loved how much effort was put into this, I have no idea why some people say that romance is not great for people who read. Yeah it's what some people believe. This was also hard to decide since another Movella also had alot of passion. Well-done! Link:

3) The Girl With And The Girl Without by: BlueBooks 

This was again, another hard decision. The story touched me the powerful words hit me like a rock. My eyes did let out one tear, however I was eating a sour candy treat. Maybe that's why I let out a tear :P - who knows the point is this truly deserved a place and it was very difficult deciding on which one should be third. Congratulations BlueWater you are a wonderful write :) - Highly Recommended Link:

4) JessComp: The Day It Rained by: Ḱη∂ℓї@

This was another great movel by Ḱη∂ℓї@. It truly had me shed a few tears. I loved the impact it has on the reader - Congratulations once again Ḱη∂ℓї@. Keep on writing your lovely words of truth and amazingness :) Link:
5) Perfection by: Erica Bluewater 
Another great amazing sensational read from Erica Bluewater. The words had me happy and then some reason sad :) I truly loved this, Don't feel bad about this being 5th, The way I see it everyone's a winner :D Link:
Other Stories That Deserve To Be Read Too :) - Better luck next time however they were all amazing :D -
JessComp: The Woman In The Water by: ♥MiaFlora☯ 
JessComp: Sewers Magnifled by: A Candid Confinement
Before The Dawn by: Prince Jang 현승
JessComp - I by: Moomin98
Congratulations to everyone who entered this competition. I will do this again along with the Top 5 Movella's Of The Week. Who knows I might even end up making a new Movella called: Jess's Competitions :D
Thank-You everyone for reading these and writing these. I am still reading some again because I liked them that much <3 Thanks again 
- Jess -
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