My shining light


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Every night, I look up at the midnight sky,

Exploring the beauty of the stars and the moon above,

But there is one star that shines brightly for my eyes only,

My star, my shining light


My light shines brightly, penetrating the darkness,

Guiding me through the night,

Showing me the way back to shelter and security,

Leading my subconscious and heart to what is right


But one night, my star was not present in the night sky,

For it was no where to be seen,

My heart saddened: I was lost and alone,

Did I depend on my light too much, too often?


As I stood searching the blanket of stars,

Searching for another star to aid me,

The wind whispered against my ears and grasped my heart in its bare hands,

For it told me the news I had not anticipated.


My star, my light… my hope,

Was taken away by its own anxiety,

For it didn’t feel like it had belonged next to others; next to their undying magnificence,

In which they uncontrollably attained


As of then I had understood,

All the worries and insecurities I had, had been set upon her shoulders,

Weighing her down with mine and even her own problems that were unknown to me,

Until now


Tonight and forever more, I shall look up at the midnight sky,

I will not have the same emotions the great stars once captured from my heart,

The quiet and peaceful night will not bring me such tranquillity,

For now, I see myself in the night sky.

Emptiness, surrounded by other aspects: empowering their beauty to the world 

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