A debate about some of those little things that get me annoyed, please comment with your debates & opinions!!


1. Stereotypes




One look leads to One thought

One thought leads to One facial expression

One facial expression leads to One action

One action leads to hurt

Hurt leads to negative emotions

Negative emotions lead to




 The definition of Stereotype = To assume a paticular group carries the same characteristics


WRONG WRONG WRONG! this is utterly wrong, to assume this is just to assume someone is something they are not.. firstly lets start with


TEENAGERS- Teenagers yes they do occasionally set a bad example but those are those few who cause riots or cause problems, the rest are normally kind thoughtful people, who care for their grandmas and grandads, who look after baby brothers and sisters. Who get brilliant GCSE'S who visit family, who participate in work experience and help out! Teenagers are not what you always think. They can be suprising, but do the public really help in portraying a good image for teenagers NO! They help to add to the many things teenagers do so badly, and the conversations you hear between people who are older than teenagers, the disguisting vile comments. Is this really write? what do you think? COMMENT BELOW !


ELDERLY PEOPLE- Elderly people are most likely the people that suffer the most stereotypes, have you ever watched the way they are treated, have you ever seen an elderly person in a que perhaps at the post office struggling to get those last few pennies to pay for a stamp, well do you ever think they may have severe arthiritis, or that man who can't quite hear what your saying at the bus stop, well do you ever think he may have bad hearing because he fought for your country, or the woman who doesn't want to go out , well do you ever think that she may have experienced a gas attack in WW2? NO because we dont think do we. We just continue to stereotype and make elderely people feel worthless. What do you think? COMMENT BELOW!




please feel free to comment/debate/discuss/share opinions!

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