Seeking Revenge

Scott Byrne is a normal kid. Until his parents get murdered by a loan shark. He then attempts to track down the loan shark and avenge his parents' death. Even if it leads to his own death.


3. Plotting Revenge

Two years later.....

          I still have nightmares about that fateful night when my parents were killed in a vicious, greed-fuelled attack.

          Since then I have lived in four different foster homes before settling down to live with my aunt. 

          I have sworn to myself that I will one day find and kill the monster who heartlessly took my parents away from me two years ago. I have been taking Karate and other martial arts and self-defence classes so when I do find and face up to that vicious freak of nature I will be properly prepared.

          My aunt has tried on numerous occasions to talk me out of revenge, saying:

"Revenge won't get your parents back." and "you will only be hurting yourself." But her pleading has, so far, been to no avail.

          I don't know yet how I am going to track down the loan shark but i have plenty of time to figure that out. My only concern now is that, if I see the bastard tomorrow, I will be able to inflict serious injury if not death.

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