Seeking Revenge

Scott Byrne is a normal kid. Until his parents get murdered by a loan shark. He then attempts to track down the loan shark and avenge his parents' death. Even if it leads to his own death.


4. Looking Back

          It was only when I looked in the mirror on that sunny Saturday morning that I realised how much I'd changed in the last two years. Puberty kicked in, resulting in a huge growth spurt. Also I noticed that the skin and bone on my arms and legs had been replaced with muscle and my slightly chubby belly had been toned and now showed the makings of an awesome six-pack.

          In some ways I enjoyed looking back at where I had come from and how my body had matured but in other ways I hated it because it just reminded me of the night my parents were murdered and how much pain I had felt for months after it. Thinking about it, I started to well up but quickly wiped the tears away as my aunt, unknowingly interrupting my train of thought, walked into the room saying that my breakfast of a traditional Irish fry-up was ready and that I should hurry up before it went cold. I quickly got dressed and went down for breakfast, leaving my innermost self behind to be blown away in the morning breeze.

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