Seeking Revenge

Scott Byrne is a normal kid. Until his parents get murdered by a loan shark. He then attempts to track down the loan shark and avenge his parents' death. Even if it leads to his own death.


2. Grief

          A week later, I heard a similar conversation, with one exception: When my dad told the loan shark that he needed another week to pay the money, the loan shark did not threaten my dad, he assaulted him. I heard banging and I also heard glass smashing. I crept out of my room onto the landing and watched, through the bannisters, my dad being thrown around the living room like a rag doll and my mother standing there in shock.

          I desperately wanted to shout, to charge at the loan shark, to do something! But I was too afraid. All I did was gormlessly watched on in horror as the loan shark beat my father to a pulp. I saw my mother sneaking into the kitchen and grabbing a knife. She ran into the living room to stab the vicious loan shark but slipped on my dad's blood and landed, sobbing, in a heap at the loan shark's feet.

          He then simply plucked the knife from my mother's hands, drove it through her heart and then slit my father's throat to ensure he was dead. All I could do was sit on the landing, with tears running down my face, as the man who destroyed my life casually sauntered out the front door, leaving me to mourn for my dead parents in peace.

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