Seeking Revenge

Scott Byrne is a normal kid. Until his parents get murdered by a loan shark. He then attempts to track down the loan shark and avenge his parents' death. Even if it leads to his own death.


1. The Loan Shark

          I'd first heard my parents arguing about a loan that dad had to repay about two weeks before they were murdered. I remember thinking that it was just a loan from the bank until I heard another voice, of a loan shark, shouting at them a few nights later.

"I told you I wanted the money today!"

"I know", Dad replied angrily, "and I told you that I got laid off last week, the last time you asked for the money, just give me one more week and i will have it for you!"

"You will if you know what's good for you!"

          I then heard the door slamming loudly and my mother talking to my dad, her voice wavering.

"Please Dennis", Mum said, sobbing uncontrollably. "He's serious about this, just give him the money! God forbid he does something to Scott!"

"Don't worry, Elaine", Dad assured her,"I will sort this out and we will all be fine."

          He was wrong.


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