Mother's Box Of Revenge

Theresa Wellwood's mother left her and her brother Oliver when she was 12 with nothing but instructions not to open the chest she was given until she was 15. Three years later she has held out on the promise. When she opens the chest........ does she really want to find out what message her mother left that was so important that she had to leave them in the care of the state? And when she finds the message....... how will she cope with her new-found knowledge?


4. The chest

My eyes widened. I read the letter.


Dear Theresa,

There are many things going on in the world you don't understand. And I'd give the world to keep you ignorant of the truth. However, the world isn't mine to give and you have to understand these things I tell you. You need to, not just for my sake, but for the worlds sake. I just hope, after you understand, you will understand my reasons and forgive me.


There is a war going on, between two gangs. But these are not ordinary gangs.


The first gang, WWW (World War Witches), is a society of real witches (I know, its impossible, but they really ARE real witches) that think the world should be ruled by witches, instead of ordinary humans. To some extent, they may be right. BUT WWW is mainly dark witches ("bad" witches) that if the world fell in their grip, everything would turn into mayhem.


The other gang, TPC (The Peoples Community), is a society of humans that know about the witches. They want to stop them. But not to stop chaos. THEY want the world to themselves aswell. And that would be mayhem aswell. Because TPC just loves weapons. They are basically your average city thugs with more organisation and manpower.


Here's where me and you come in. There are a "rebel" group that wants to stop both of these groups winning. The Fighters. And they need your help. Because, you see, you have special powers. You are a witch. Or a half one, anyway. The rest will be explained to you in the books in the chest.


There are letters, spell books, information books, tools, everything in the chest. I hope you believe me, but in case you don't, go to this address;

44 Savant Street,




I hope to make contact with you in the future.


Lots Of Love,

Mum xxx


My Mum's insane. That's the first thought that pops into my head. I can't stomach this. This isn't funny. Some sort of sick joke. I don't have the stomach to read anymore of the things in the chest.


Disgusted, I make my way back to the house, and into my bed, where I don't sleep the night.

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