Mother's Box Of Revenge

Theresa Wellwood's mother left her and her brother Oliver when she was 12 with nothing but instructions not to open the chest she was given until she was 15. Three years later she has held out on the promise. When she opens the chest........ does she really want to find out what message her mother left that was so important that she had to leave them in the care of the state? And when she finds the message....... how will she cope with her new-found knowledge?


3. "Tell me!"

I nearly fell out of the tree in shock.

"Jamie! What the HELL are you doing out here?! Get back to the house NOW!" I whispered loudly.

Had he seen the box? I wondered fearfully. It was a cold January night, only the Third of the month. It was pitch-black even at this early hour, so i hoped not. My natrually blond long curly hair flew around my face in the breeze. I was shivering in my night-gown, having gone to bed early and, when leaving the house, forgetting my coat in the excitement. I could feel my ever-changing-to-different-shades-of blue eyes were narrowed considerably. I couldn't see Jamie so i doubted he could see me.


Jamie chuckled at my outburst.

"Only if you tell me what you're doing out here in the freezing first." He said with an audible grin in his voice.

Firmly, i re-locked the chest.

"No way." I said a stubborn note in my voice.

"Its that bloody box you're always coming out here to stare at isn't it?

"No." I said uneasily. "Have you been spying on me?"

I felt a little betrayed at the prospect of Jamie stalking me.


"Oh, give over Tess. I know you too well to not know when you're lying. So what's in it then? Money? A present from your Mum? C'mon Tessie, tell me. I know it's important to you." Jamie begged.

"Firstly, Jamie, tell me why you spy on me. Then go away and I'll tell you tomorrow. I honestly cant deal with you at the moment."

"Tess. I'd go if i thought you would tell me tomorrow. But i know you wont."

I heard a thump that must of been Jamie jumping out of his tree.

"I'm going Ms. Stubborn, but tell me tomorrow. I'll be a-waiting!"

"Whatever!" I yelled into his disappearing figure


That was too close for comfort, I thought, my heart thumping. I'd have some fun tomorrow, trying to explain this! I couldn't wait to open the chest though. Slowly, I turned the lock. I opened the chest.


Inside at the top was a bunch of letters tied in a bundle. I clicked on my little bedside torch.

I opened the envelope at the top, my heart thumping, feeling high with adrenaline. First I scanned the letter and stopped suddenly when i reached a line cirtain line. My eyes widened in disbelief as i took in the line;

"You are a witch." 

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