Mother's Box Of Revenge

Theresa Wellwood's mother left her and her brother Oliver when she was 12 with nothing but instructions not to open the chest she was given until she was 15. Three years later she has held out on the promise. When she opens the chest........ does she really want to find out what message her mother left that was so important that she had to leave them in the care of the state? And when she finds the message....... how will she cope with her new-found knowledge?


2. 2012- Happy Birthday!

"Quiet Ollie. You'll wake her!" I heard a cheeky voice and a giggle after that. Ah, my sweet little eight-year-old brother Ollie and my best friend and foster-brother Jamie. What were they up too this time? Well of course I knew that anyway. It was my birthday. My FIFTEENTH birthday at that. Which meant one exciting thing. I could FINALLY open the chest! Suddenly, I wanted the boys to hurry up and get to their surprise so I could open the one and only thing that meant something to me.


"Surprise!" They yelled together. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

I felt a tongue on my face. Ewwww. The dog Bruno was licking my face.

"Bruno!" I yelled sternly. "Get your tongue off my face!"

The golden retriever stayed licking my face anyway until Jamie called him back.

"Bruno!" I giggled. "You're not mad then?" Jamie asked.

I shook my head.

"Phew. 'cos I thought that you would be but Ollie made such a thing about it and I couldn't just ignore the kid."


Jamie's caramel-brown hair flopped messily over his face and his sea-green eyes shone with excitement. I knew he wanted to catch me off guard as much as Ollie.

"It's OK." I giggled.

"well I wouldn't want to get on your bad side anyway. So we made you breakfast in bed and here's your present." Jamie grinned.

"Wakey, wakey. eggs and backey!" Ollie laughed.

"Mmmm a fry up. How ever will I repay you boys?" I laughed.

"Well you can eat your fry-up, open your presents and just be happy. then we'll be happy too." Jamie said quite seriously.


The rest of the day passed in a blur. I got a new dress, a box of cluedo and an IPhone. I then spent the rest of the day clowning around, then went to a birthday meal where I received cake (I hardly ate any in excitement.) 


At 10:00pm I went to my tree in the woods behind our garden where the chest was hidden. I climbed a nearby tree. and started to unlock the little red wood and golden locked chest. As I turned the key i heard a whisper in an adjoining tree;

"Tessie?" Jamie whispered.

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