A Tale of Love and War

Rose Burton-Hall is the daughter of a rich English army commander. Her life is glittering until world war two hits Britain and her father and brothers are enlisted. While they are fighting Rose's life changes and she finds solace in Jack. Together they embrace the moto carpe diem; seize the day, and embark on a furious but secret love affair with consequences that mean that Rose's life can never return to how it used be.
After nearly four months the story is finally finished! Please bear with me the first few chapters I promise it does get better. Please let me know what you think, I haven't had any feedback and would really appreciate some! :) xxx


11. You made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughter

The rest of the week passed in the blink of an eye; we spent most of our time in the barn where the pregnant ewes had now been moved to. One of them, we named her Fluffy - I know very original - was due to give birth over the next few days and at least one of us needed to be on hand when she did. As a result our new found picnic obsession had to be satisfied with the barn. Mr Downs brought us out lunch each day and we ate it on a rug in amongst the hay bales so no sheep could get to us. The hay bales were also perfect for blocking us from view of the door so we had a bit of a warning when Mr Downs came out to check on us. We'd had a few close shaves but we hadn't yet been caught in lip lock by him.
By the time it got to Friday Fluffy was still yet to give birth but according to Mr Downs it would be sometime over the next twenty-four hours. As a result on Friday night Mr Downs was in one barn with a pregnant cow and on the other side of the farm me and Jack were with Fluffy. Mother had been wary of letting me stay at the farm for the night but after me casually mentioning that this ewe and her lamb might well be producing the milk and meat that the soldiers on the front line would consume, she agreed.
 So by eight o'clock me and Jack were sat in a straw covered pit amongst the hay bales with numerous blankets wrapped around us to keep us warm. His skin radiated heat and I snuggled closer to him, breathing in his boyish scent addictively; he was like a drug to me I couldn't live without him. It was pitch black outside, the only light coming from our little lantern hanging by the door. It's glow illuminated Jacks face, highlighting all his best features and showing them in all their glory; his beautiful dark eyes, defined dark eyebrows, the way his hair flopped across his forehead and his lips; lips that drew me in captivating my gaze until I gave in and brushed them with mine. The kiss was soft, warm, tender, everything a kiss should be. It got stronger, more intense, more lustful. We paused to catch our breath and looking into his eyes I could see my own lust reflected back at me. Our lips met again more passionate than ever, he was stronger than me and my head was losing height as he leant over me until I was lying in the straw and he on top of me. My breath was ragged, my heart hammered in my chest, my skin burned as he pressed his body into me so that I could feel every curve in his body so distinctly it could have been my own. My hand shook as I reached up to undo the buttons on his shirt, my fingers fumbled as I moved faster until I half ripped his shirt off his back. My hand skimmed up and down the strong shoulders until they reached the inward curve of his spine at his lower back. He planted kisses on my neck moving down until he reached the neckline of my top which he lifted, along with my lace vest, over the top of my head without hesitation, he continued to spread his kisses downwards, kissing my breasts and my stomach. All sense of what was proper vanished in the heat of our love. And as I wrapped my bare legs around his waist, I surrendered myself entirely to him.
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