A Tale of Love and War

Rose Burton-Hall is the daughter of a rich English army commander. Her life is glittering until world war two hits Britain and her father and brothers are enlisted. While they are fighting Rose's life changes and she finds solace in Jack. Together they embrace the moto carpe diem; seize the day, and embark on a furious but secret love affair with consequences that mean that Rose's life can never return to how it used be.
After nearly four months the story is finally finished! Please bear with me the first few chapters I promise it does get better. Please let me know what you think, I haven't had any feedback and would really appreciate some! :) xxx


21. Vanished

 When I got home I cried; cried because I could never marry the man I loved, cried because my unborn child would be illegitimate making us both outcasts, and cried most of all because there was nothing I could do about any of it. But despite it all, when I got up in the morning I was excited because Jack was back, if only for a short while, and today I would get to spend the whole day with him. Well I thought so anyway. Because when I got to the farm, Jack was nowhere and Mr Downs said that he hadn't heard from him since he'd left all those months ago. I was completely baffled, it was as if he'd never come back but I knew that he had, I had seen him, I had felt him and I knew that the warmth of his skin against mine was not something which I would have been able to dream up myself. I continued to the stables like Mr Downs had asked but could not shake the feeling that something was horribly amiss. Jack wouldn't just say he was going to show up then disappear off the face of the earth. I was still worrying when I reached the stables. I went to fetch the rake and found tied to the handle with a strand of straw, a small scroll of paper. Unrolling it carefully I read:

     To my beautiful fiancé Rose,
   I am so sorry to disappoint you but I have
   departed for France this morning. We are
   launching an attack on Dunkirk, although I'm
   not meant to tell you this, but we hope to
   liberate France. I don't know why I couldn't
   bring myself to tell you this yesterday, but I
   was so happy to see you and I didn't want to
   ruin the moment. Please forgive me, the
   thought of seeing you on my return will be the
   one the keeps me alive through this tough
   war. I love you more than you can imagine.
     Forever yours Jack.

I didn't even attempt to halt the flow of tears that streamed down my face. Jack was gone, as abruptly as he had come. Now I thought about it he had never said that he would show up; I had said "see you tomorrow" and then walked away. What if the last thing I would ever say to him would be a rejection, a refusal to elope with him? I dissolved further into tears at the thought. Eventually I pulled myself together enough to muck out the stables but confined to persevere the day with stinging red eyes. Mr Downs was convinced that I must be coming down with a cold and insisted that I go home early to get some rest. I obliged glad to have the walk home to calm myself before the pretence of blissful happiness that would be needed for my arrival home. Nothing however could have prepared me for what I found when I walked through the front door.
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