A Tale of Love and War

Rose Burton-Hall is the daughter of a rich English army commander. Her life is glittering until world war two hits Britain and her father and brothers are enlisted. While they are fighting Rose's life changes and she finds solace in Jack. Together they embrace the moto carpe diem; seize the day, and embark on a furious but secret love affair with consequences that mean that Rose's life can never return to how it used be.
After nearly four months the story is finally finished! Please bear with me the first few chapters I promise it does get better. Please let me know what you think, I haven't had any feedback and would really appreciate some! :) xxx


24. Traitor

 When James and William returned home they found the three of us sat, ashen-faced, at the kitchen table in utter silence.
"F-Father?" William stuttered pulling me out of my reverie.
I let Father explain just as he had to me, while I watched their expressions fearful of seeing Edwards hatred echoed there. I didn't. They were shocked, offended we hadn't told them, but most importantly forgiving and understanding.
"Where's Edward?" James asked finally.
"He saw me, he already knew what I did. He shouted then he left." Father answered simply.
"It'll be fine. He'll be angry for a while and then he'll calm down and come back, don't worry he won't be gone for long." James said matter-of-factly, although I saw him exchange a glance with William to suggest otherwise. Mother nodded and forced a small smile. "We'll be a family again in no time." I hoped so much that she was right.
 A fortnight later we still hadn't heard from Edward and so James and William decided to go back to their regiments to try and find news on him. I meanwhile went back to working on the farm, something which I had barely done whilst the boys had been home. It was quite miserable working again to be honest, it gave me time to think - about how it had been almost two months since Jack had disappeared without a proper goodbye, about the ever growing bump in my stomach with I was now having to bind in with a corset to stop it noticeably sticking out under my clothes. I was worried how much longer I could keep this up; someone was bound to notice sooner or later, I was only getting bigger after all. Father who had once pulled Mother out of a state of depression had now himself sunken into a pale and sickly state, I hated Edward whose words had cause him this much pain. I hated him even more when we received word from James.
 When we recognised his familiar scrawly writing on the front of the envelope my mother called my Father into the kitchen where she opened the letter and read it aloud to us.

Dear Mother, Father and Rose,
I have finally caught up with Edward but I'm afraid I was too late. He has told his commanding officer of what Father did, which of course they already knew, but also that he has returned and that he is home now. I'd tell you to run but there really is no point, every form of transport is being monitored to stop foreign spies anyway and the numberplate on the car will be spotted by the 11th Cornish Battalion that have set up checkpoints on roads in the area to try and catch the big players in the black market. It's just a case of when they will come. William and I are coming home, maybe we can talk to them, persuade them not to arrest Father. We'll be there by Tuesday.
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