A Tale of Love and War

Rose Burton-Hall is the daughter of a rich English army commander. Her life is glittering until world war two hits Britain and her father and brothers are enlisted. While they are fighting Rose's life changes and she finds solace in Jack. Together they embrace the moto carpe diem; seize the day, and embark on a furious but secret love affair with consequences that mean that Rose's life can never return to how it used be.
After nearly four months the story is finally finished! Please bear with me the first few chapters I promise it does get better. Please let me know what you think, I haven't had any feedback and would really appreciate some! :) xxx


17. Scene at the station

I couldn't sleep that night, silence pressed in around me, suffocating me. It made me feel so alone, as if it was a taste of what was to come. I wanted to cry but the tears wouldn't come, I felt empty dread boil over inside me taking up every ounce of feeling that I had to give, I was consumed by it and lay staring up at the ceiling without the pull of tiredness nor the comfort of dreams to soften my thoughts.
I awoke with a start surprised that I had finally fallen asleep even though it was only for a few hours, my eyes ached at being forced open so soon after closing. But the pounding in my head reminded me of why I had had so little sleep. I wanted to start crying again but I bit my lip hard until the tears subsided and then proceeded to get ready.
I took a deep breath and walked out of the door, fresh air hit me like a blast of calmness seeping into my lungs and drugging me into a state of false relaxation, a reverie that I was unwilling to break out of. I started walking down the road and at the crossroads found Jack waiting for me. I smiled at him despite my breaking heart, he understood though, I could tell that by the way that he slipped and arm around my shoulders and squeezed my arm. I snuggled my face into his chest and breathed in his warm boyish scent, I would miss this. We wandered down to the end of the road where a motorcar was waiting to take us to the train station. We were silent most if the way there, you probably think this was a waste of our last minutes together but we didn't need to say anything, it was enough just to enjoy each others presence.
The train was already waiting at the platform when we arrived, I was suddenly nervous not sure how to say goodbye when I so desperately didn't want this to be happening. Jack caressed my cheek with his hand and whispered, "This isn't goodbye I promise, we will fight this war and come out the other side together. I want you to know that and never stop believing it, and if you ever doubt it you must remember this moment." He looked into my eyes as he bent down on one knee and produced that same gold plaited ring that I had worn when we had posed as man and wife. But this time it was for real, we were engaged in our hearts which meant so much more than being so in other peoples minds. Me and Jack would be together forever, and I held that thought in my mind and he crossed the platform and boarded the train that would take him so far away from me and the world we had created together and towards quite possibly death.
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