A Tale of Love and War

Rose Burton-Hall is the daughter of a rich English army commander. Her life is glittering until world war two hits Britain and her father and brothers are enlisted. While they are fighting Rose's life changes and she finds solace in Jack. Together they embrace the moto carpe diem; seize the day, and embark on a furious but secret love affair with consequences that mean that Rose's life can never return to how it used be.
After nearly four months the story is finally finished! Please bear with me the first few chapters I promise it does get better. Please let me know what you think, I haven't had any feedback and would really appreciate some! :) xxx


2. Happiness

I had a perfect childhood, the kind you hear about in stories. A beautiful mother, a loving father and three older brothers who would look out for me and protect me always. We lived in a large house, a mansion really, with enormous grounds that were fantastic for hide-and-seek although a nightmare for the gardener, and while my brothers; James, Edward and William were forever getting told off for coming in covered in mud, I was the boring child who sat and read books for hours, or wanted to help the cook bake a cake. It was all smiles and laughter and posh dinners with fancy dresses.
 Father was a very important man, very high up in the army, not that they had much to do then; the war to end all wars was over before my father was old enough to join up, but he had lost his father in France. I was fifteen when I began to notice the number of very smartly dressed officers that my father invited to dinner and at seventeen me and my friend Charlotte started to hang around the hallways when they arrived or happened to decide to take a walk when we heard the cars pull up, hoping to get a wink off of one of the younger ones. Charlotte had her eye on a dark-haired American officer called Jay. I humoured her and when we heard the cars pull up that night we grabbed our hats and set off for a walk into the village. I felt Charlotte grip my arm harder when she saw him amongst the very many officers that were ther that evening, and we tried out the "spontaneous laughter" technique we'd read in a ladies magazine which made it look like one of us had just told a hilarious joke. Just as she hoped, Jay lifted his army cap to us and gave us a wink as he said "evening ladies", which gave us something to giggle about as we headed down to the paper shop in the village.
 It was latw august and the air was warm and lethargic just as a summer evening should be. The crickets chirruped contentedly in the long dry grass marking the edges of the road and there was a slight hum from the occasional bee crossing our path. The landscape was pure and the horizon untouched except for my house towering above all trees and looking down rather contrascendingly on the gardeners cottage to the east. Our footsteps on the path scratched at the gravel as we laughed our way to the village.
 The shop wasn't far off closing as we strolled in sending the little bell singing as the door tripped shut. We smiled at shop owners daughter Frances as we bought our paper, she was our age and once went to the village school with us before my father hired me and my brothers a governess with Charlotte's family quickly following suit. Instead of heading straight back we decided to carry on walking to the beach, it was getting late and we highly doubted anyone else would be there.
 As we approached the shoreline I lay down my hat and stretched out on the sand, soaking up the last of the sun's rays on my face. I knew if my mother could see me she'd tell me that I'd get freckles but right then I didn't care. Time passed and the sun was slowly dipping in the sky. Eventually we left the beach and headed along the path home blissfully unaware of everything going on at home.
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