A Collection Of Feathers

"you know, people say that life can chagne in the blink of an eye...i learned that the hard way.."
seth redder is an ordinary boy, he has friends, a girlfriend, and a monster kitten called spike. at least until he started having the nightmares about his dad..

Mark redder, sent to iraq on a strictly need to know mission, little did he know it would cost him everything he held dear to his heart

with a bond formed and an unusual experiment, seth and his father are now connected through more than just flesh and blood.
can seth uncover the truth under all the lies, or will he fall in the face of advisery...hurry seth..your time is almost up.


14. Paris

The flight made me egdey, i kept fidgeting, my nerves slowly tweaking my senses, making me flinch at the slightest cough or someone talking. Or maybe it was my super sensitive ears. The plain was thankfully quiet most of the time. Scarlet kept a hold of my hand the entire journey, she even rested her head on my shoulder for a little while and slept. 

Rain drenched my hair, soaking my clothes. But i didnt care. They had surrounded me, most with guns, the others with electric batons. I could take them. There was no trace of fear on my face, nor in my head. All i could feel was the whole that had been puched in my chest, filling with blinding rage, and spite. I clenched my fists, and growled, ready to rip something apart with my bare hands.


My eyes popped open. The plane had landed, and Scarlet was nudging me awake, "Lets go," I took her hand, and we walked of the plane. We'd only had my rucksack, so we didnt need to check into bag collection. Once we'd got past the security checkpoint, i was looking around every two seconds, to make sure we weren't being followed. As we got to the exit we saw them. They surrounded us. The exit, to the left, the right, we were trapped. I gripped scarlets hand tighter. One of them walked toward us, sticking out his hand. "Seth, Redder, how very good to meet you,"

"Give me one reason why i shouldnt drop you were you stand," I snarled. He smiled, looking like a wolf with whitened teeth. "I'm sure that wont be necessary," he leaned closer "Because if you do, we drop you were you stand," he nodded up to the balcony to the left, i looked. A tailored guy was there, holding an M40A3, for those of you who dont know your rifle names, lets just say its a very big gun. I swore internally, but went along with it.

They escorted us out of the airport, a black SUV waiting for us, I had a feeling i knew where we were going. I kept hold of scarlets hand as we entered the back seat. I showed no emotion, keeping my fear, and panic under a cool facade of, well, coolness. As we all got in the engine started, only barely noticable to scarlet and the other men in black suits, but for me it was like having a steel mill right next to my ear. "We will be taking you to our base of operations here in Paris," The one sat across from us said taking off his RayBan sunglasses,"We also understand that you have some questions"

"Look, cut the crap, I can see through your friendly act, tell us what you want from me, and maybe we can come to an agreement," I growl, unimpressed that my intelligence was being insulted like this. The guy glared at me, expecting me to back down. I didn't. "Very well, once we are at Feather Corp. you can speak to our Senate, for now, enjoy the ride." His voice turned to a snarl near the end.

I knew we wouldnt get to see the Effiel Tower after that.



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