A Collection Of Feathers

"you know, people say that life can chagne in the blink of an eye...i learned that the hard way.."
seth redder is an ordinary boy, he has friends, a girlfriend, and a monster kitten called spike. at least until he started having the nightmares about his dad..

Mark redder, sent to iraq on a strictly need to know mission, little did he know it would cost him everything he held dear to his heart

with a bond formed and an unusual experiment, seth and his father are now connected through more than just flesh and blood.
can seth uncover the truth under all the lies, or will he fall in the face of advisery...hurry seth..your time is almost up.


1. Life As Usual

I was late, as usual. Never on time. Always seconds from the mark. Never prepared, never ready. How could I have known it was this that would cost me so much...?  I sprinted through the halls, swearing under my breath. i skidded as i came to the room, i knocked, preparing my excuse.



"you are late Mr. Redder," said Ms. Stevenson, sounding like a toad on steroids. "why?"

"i..um..woke up late?" I smiled my famous toothy smile. she rolled her eyes.

"sit down Seth" i did so.

My name is Seth Redder. I was fifteen when it all started. at this time my life was about as normal as it gets. i wnet to school, I played xbox, I watched tv, read books and comics and had a kitten called Spike. I had friends, and enemies, like any normal kid, only a few enemies though. It's not that people loved me, its just that people prefered me when I was nice to them. i was a dirty fighter, and it doesnt take much to set me off, and when someone does, I go for the throat.

"Dude, hows it goin'?" My best friend james hudson said, bumping his fist with mine, his face ressembled a large head shaped rock with eyes, but you know. "Hey seth," Samantha greeted me, she was a total and utter babe. no question. Face like an angel, body like an hourglass, and long curly blonde hair, she could have her pick of any guy she wanted, and believe me she had.  But not me, lord knows she'd tried in the past. And last but not least, scarlet. one of my closest allies, with medium length spikey red hair and a smile that would make the angel gabrielle eat his heart out, she was my other half. i took her hand under the desk. 

"Anyone doing anything tomorrow?" samantha asked, looking at herself in a little makeup mirror.

"Um..school?" James replied.

"No dumbass its a training day tomorrow, i was thinking about heading into town." james rolled his stone like eyes

"Thats all you ever do" sam fixed him a glare that could've killed a small ferrret. They had once been an item, but naturally she left him for the next pretty boy, he was still grieving over her, i could sense it.

"I prestiged again last night" James was officially the biggest Call of Duty basher ever. In the entire universe.

"No surprise" I mumbled, i turned to Scarlet "so, anything new with you?"

"oh same old same old, how about you?" She sighed

"well my cat decided to chew up my hand again yesterday," i held up my hand, dotted with bite marks, and scratches, from my monster of a kitten. She laughs kissing my hand, and then i feel it, a pain snaps through my brain, running, coiling down my spine, i clench my eyes shut. 'someone kill me! Just make the pain stop!" i put a hand over my eye, and within the split second it was there, it was gone. I opened my eyes to three worried faces, "you okay dude?" James asked, swinging on his chair.

"Yeah, just headache," I lied casually. 

"You wanna come over tonight? I could use a hand with some of my english?" Scarlet chimed. I nodded.

"Sure" the ringing still in my head "cool."

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