A Collection Of Feathers

"you know, people say that life can chagne in the blink of an eye...i learned that the hard way.."
seth redder is an ordinary boy, he has friends, a girlfriend, and a monster kitten called spike. at least until he started having the nightmares about his dad..

Mark redder, sent to iraq on a strictly need to know mission, little did he know it would cost him everything he held dear to his heart

with a bond formed and an unusual experiment, seth and his father are now connected through more than just flesh and blood.
can seth uncover the truth under all the lies, or will he fall in the face of advisery...hurry seth..your time is almost up.


20. Epilogue

The sun dawned over paris, over the old houses, over the new buildings, over the massive bell tower of the Notre Dame cathedral. Where lay a dark spirit, some would say, with wings like knives, and muscles like an ox. They say he mournes for his lost love. They say that he plots against a great evil. I say its time to stop hiding.

I say its time to take it back, i say...its time for me to become what i truly am.

An angel.

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